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Wildlife Exclusion Tips to Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property in Hammonton, NJ

New Jersey is home to a number of wildlife critters that can make their way into your home. Local residents have called us for assistance with birds, bats, rodents, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, groundhogs, moles and voles that have invaded their homes and yards. Each pest poses their own set of threats such as damages and disease. To help keep wildlife out in the wild and away from your home, Ross Environmental Solutions will share a few tips.

How to Keep Unwanted Wild Animals Out of Your House & Yard

Attic Vents – Pests will begin invading homes during the fall to look for a warm place to hide out winter, while other pests enter homes accidentally. Regardless as to which wildlife pest you have roaming the neighborhood; you will want to keep them out of your home. Often pests will crawl through the attic ventilation to enter the residence. In many cases the pests will find your attic space quite cozy and stop there while other pests will begin exploring the entire home. It is in the best interest of the homeowner to cover the attic vents with a wire mesh. Your attic still requires ventilation which is why wire mesh reduces the opening and helps keep pests out but still allows efficient air flow.
Chimney – Squirrels and other pests often climb through the chimney and enter the home. If your flue is closed some pests may even nest inside. Gas fireplaces and their flues are often connected to the furnace which allows pests to freely roam throughout the home’s air duct system. Again, to prevent pests from climbing inside your chimney and throughout your home, cover the top of the chimney with the same wire meshing.
Utility Lines – Utility lines such as electrical cords, as well as hoses and plumbing are often used by rodents and other smaller wildlife pests. Often utility lines lead into your home, the air ducts and other ventilation systems. The warm air coming from the utility line is the only invitation that some pests need to invade a premises. Some utility lines can be covered completely. However you may want to make sure that no pests are already inside. Sealing them inside will eventually kill them and you will have that unfortunate pleasure of smelling a dead critter rotting in your walls, air ducts or other utility lines. Consider contacting a professional pest control service and remove the critter before sealing up your utility lines.
External Structures – Decks, sheds, and porches often provide shelter for a number of wildlife critters such as skunks, raccoons, and rodents. Many of these wildlife pests will dig underneath smaller structures such as sheds, decks or underneath the foundation of exterior structures. One way to keep pests away from these areas is by digging a trench about a foot deep and a foot wide and then placing a screen at the bottom. Use a screen that forms an L shape, screw the top of the screen to the structure and bury the rest of the screen back in the ground.

Wildlife Exclusion, Removal & More

If you are having a battle with the local wildlife and need professional assistance, contact Ross Environmental Solutions. We provide a number of services including wildlife inspections, exclusion and removal.

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