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About Ross Environmental Solutions

ROSS Environmental Solutions, formerly known as Exterminating By Ross, was established by ACEAssociated Certified Entomologist Harry Ross in 1992 after many years of experience in a pest control industry that he felt was uncaring about the health and safety of customers as well as employees. His goal was to provide superior pest control service for the South Jersey area — with genuine concern for the well-being of the customer as well as the technician.

That’s why ROSS Environmental holds ongoing training programs to educate personnel in practicing environmentally responsible methods. The company has developed an Environmental Protection Agency-recognized Green Earth Program to ensure the protection of the Earth’s natural resources as well as the health and property of customers.

Our growing reputation for quality service has allowed us to expand our coverage to all of Southern New Jersey. In 2007, we changed our name to reflect the ever-evolving catalog of environmental and pest-related services. The name “ROSS Environmental Solutions” demonstrates our core values and our dedication to providing you with environmentally responsible solutions for your pest, termite, wildlife, mold and moisture problems. (See all pests that ROSS controls.)

The ROSS Warranty: We will exceed your expectations. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results of any service provided by our company, we’ll return to your site at no cost to you and make it right. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We Are a Quality Pro Pest Management Company

Out of more than 10,000 Pest Management companies in the United States, less than 500 have earned the Quality Pro designation by the National Pest Management Association. ROSS Environmental Solutions was among the first to receive the designation in 2005.

All our service technicians have passed either a certified state or Quality Pro exam to ensure they have a complete understanding of pest management procedures and practices. All our employees also go through a criminal background check. This guarantees they are screened, and we know the history of the technicians we send out to your home. Our drug-free work policy screening ensures that substance abuse is not tolerated.

In addition to practicing ethical advertising, we provide termite customers with a termite warranty specifically stating what is covered in terms of repair and re-treatment, on the first page of our service agreement. Our Environmental Stewardship program dictates that all our chemicals are transported in compliance with label requirements. QualityPro regulations also state that our vehicles remain locked when unattended and that appropriate first-aid materials, including fire extinguishers and spill control kits, are on board.

NJ Pest Management Association (Government Affairs Committee, Liaison to N.J. Department of Environmental Protection)

National Pest Management Association

Independent Pest Control Association

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Community Involvement

ROSS Environmental Solutions employees are encouraged by management to be involved in charitable activities. We feel it’s extremely important to give back to the communities we live and work in, and to those less fortunate.

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American Diabetes Association

National M.S. Society / MS City to Shore Bike Ride

American Cancer Society

Local Food Bank

Autism Speaks

Our K-9 Heroes

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