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Green Earth Program

Ross, the Leader in Environmentally Responsible Pest Management Offers You Green Earth Choices.

The employees and ownership of ROSS Environmental Solutionsunderstand the vital role we play in protecting our natural resources, as well as the health and property of our valued customers. We take our social responsibility and environmental stewardship quite seriously.

In our efforts to meet your needs and the needs of the communities we serve, we offer three environmentally responsible program selections:

Option #1: IPM Program (Use of Standard Low Impact Materials)

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), to eliminate and control pest populations. This environmentally responsible system includes:

  • Doing a thorough inspection.
  • Making sanitation recommendations.
  • Excluding pests before they get in.
  • The use of mechanical controls and glue boards.
  • The use of cultural controls (making recommendations like keeping tree limbs and shrubbery away form the property).
  • The use of biological controls such as aphids or pheromones.
  • The judicious use of low impact materials if and when needed.
  • Educating and communicating with the customer.

Option #2: Green Earth + IPM Program: Our Most Requested Program (Organic Compounds w/Low Impact Materials as backup if needed)

Using a selection of organic compounds, as our first line of defense, when applications become necessary and using our standard, low-impact materials as a backup. Of course, we will be using the other facets of our IPM program to control pest populations as well.

Option #3: Green Earth (Use of organic & natural products)

The Unprecedented Margin of Safety, with this program, proves that the plant oils used are regarded as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) and/or have been approved for food and beverage consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, these plant oils target a receptor site that doesn’t exist in mammals.

We will also use the other aspects of our IPM program excluding the use of any materials that are not considered natural or organic.

The customer should be aware that 100 percent control of pest populations is unlikely with this program and that an acceptable pest tolerance threshold is necessary.

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