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Silverfish are nuisance pests that feed on wallpaper pastes, natural fabrics, books and papers.


Silverfish are about 1/2-inch long with a uniform silvery color over the upper surface. They can be found almost anywhere, but prefer dark, moist places such as basements, kitchens, sinks, bathtubs, bookcases, closet shelves, behind baseboards, wallpaper, window or door frames, wall spaces, and sub-floors.


Silverfish require a large supply of starchy foods or molds. They also feed on mold or fungi growing on various surfaces. Active at night or in dark places, they are fast-moving and can travel throughout buildings.


  • Eliminate sources of moisture such as faulty plumbing or condensation.
  • Use a dehumidifier and/or an air conditioner.
  • Vacuum cracks and crevices with a narrow vacuum tip.
  • Remove food sources by storing in tight containers.

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