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Three carpet beetles, isolated on white

Three carpet beetles, isolated on white

Facts About Beetles

INTRODUCTION: Beetles are common pests that can be found in a variety of locations.

Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetle enjoy dining on carpets, woolen fabrics, dead insects, furs, hides, feathers, horns, hair, silk and bones. It can take 249 days to three years for carpet beetle to grow from an egg to an adult.

Adult beetle live between 13 and 44 days.

Flour Beetle

Flour beetle are one of the most common pests of stored products found in the home and in grocery stores. In the United States, they’re more abundant in Northern states.

RECOGNITION: Adults are reddish brown, about 1/8″ long. Except for antenna and thorax differences, almost identical to red flour beetle.

Full-grown larva are yellowish white, about 1/8″ to 1/4″ long. Hard-bodied, cylindrical, wiry in appearance.

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