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A few years ago, I finally came to realization that there was a major link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Since then, employee retention has become a prime focus of my company.

I believe that one reason for my company’s significant growth since then is directly related to understanding this concept. I’ve come to reap the rewards of one of many major concepts Harvey has drilled into my head over the past 12 years: “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of you.”

Our employees stay with us for an average of eight years – because we invest in them and care about them. Let me share with you the benefits package and program we offer, so you might have a better understanding of why they enjoy coming to work and are so loyal to my company.

It begins with a salary, commission, bonus and rewards program that is second to none. Our benefits package is comprehensive: We pay 50 percent of their healthcare premium, offer a generous vacation plan, a personal time off plan, life and disability insurance, and a Saving Incentive Match Plan for Employees Individual Retirement Account (SIMPLE IRA). In addition, employees receive the ability to take vehicles home, a phone allowing personal use, reimbursement for continued education and company-sponsored family get-togethers twice a year. We also regularly offer variety of training workshops, an open-door policy for personal issues, and an advancement program for those who choose this path.

Your’re probably asking, how can I afford to do all that and make money? My revenue and profitability have grown consistently since implementing these programs. How could I afford not to?

– Harry Ross, President, Ross Environmental Solutions, Franklinville, NJ,, and the New Jersey Pest Management Association

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