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Meet the Team

Alex Alago

Specialty Technician

Say hello to Alex, our multi-talented specialty technician who tackles wildlife, pest control, handyman, and even mold! Born and raised in Camden, NJ, Alex attended Woodrow Wilson High School before finding his niche here at Ross Environmental Solutions in 2020.

When it comes to his job, Alex’s true passion lies in dealing with wildlife. But when the workday is done, you will find him enjoying his time with his family and friends. As a loving father of two boys, he enjoys every moment he can with his kids.

Alex is also an ink enthusiast with an impressive collection of nine tattoos.

With Alex on the job, you can rest assured that your wildlife and pest control needs will be met with exceptional care and expertise.

Lex Alarcon

Specialty Technician

Meet Lex, our versatile Specialty Technician with a story that spans from Puerto Rico to Vineland NJ, creating a unique blend of experiences. Lex is a proud graduate of Vineland Hugh School.

Joining the Ross team in 2023, Lex quickly found his groove in the pest control world. What does he love the most about it? The fact that every day brings something new and challenging, keeping life exciting and interesting.

Outside of work, Lex has a passion for working on cars, turning wrenches, and making engines purr. He also cherishes quality time with his kids, creating memories that last a lifetime.

One thing most people don’t know about Lex is that he is allergic to seafood. Get ready for a journey filled with new challenges and shared moments with Lex that will leave you feeling secure and appreciated!

Matt Bittle

Specialty Technician

Say hello to Matt, our specialty technician with a journey that’s as vibrant as his personality. A true local, Matt’s roots go deep in Franklinville, NJ where he proudly graduated from Delsea Regional High School.

With his journey at Ross Environmental Solutions beginning in 2008, Matt decided to take a detour and become an owner-operator of a Trucking company for 9 years. But the call of the pest control world was too strong to resist, and he made his return in 2023.

For Matt, the satisfaction of helping customers bid farewell to those pesky critters is a mission close to his heart. Even though he’s not exactly best friends with snakes, if he ever encounters one, he ensures it finds a new home far away from yours.

Pest control isn’t the only passion Matt has, He’s a true outdoorsy soul, loving nothing more than working on his yard and tackling home improvement projects. And if you’re wondering what makes his life truly unique, it’s the small farm he and his wife Krystal cherish like no other. Their animals aren’t just pets, they’re family.

Matt has a green thumb and has over 50 thriving plants and a bountiful vegetable garden and that’s not the only surprising thing. Matt also likes to build off road trucks and is currently working on a 1947

Chevy 3100.

When you meet Matt, you’re not just meeting a technician- you’re meeting a home-loving, animal adoring, green-thumb-wielding enthusiast.

Jay Boyle Jr

Specialty Technician

Get ready to meet Jay, our extraordinary specialty technician who is a true master in every service we offer. Growing up in the Vineland/Millville NJ area and attending Millville High School, Jay brings his hometown pride and expertise to Ross Environmental Solutions, where he has been an invaluable member of our team since 2019.

With a genuine love for the great outdoors, Jay’s true passion lies in working amidst bugs and animals.

Jay ventures into the wild, resolving pest-related challenges with precision and finesse. However, there is one pest that does not win Jay’s Heart: the yellow jackets.

When Jay isn’t busy battling bugs, you might find him playing chess, reading a book, or gaming. Customers may not know this about Jay: prior to joining our team, Jay spent 10 years working in the security field. This experience adds an extra layer of dedication and attentiveness to his role, ensuring the utmost safety and professionalism in every job he undertakes.

It’s worth mentioning that Jay’s dedication to our company runs in the family! Jay’s Dad, Jim, also works alongside us, making it a true family affair. With their combined expertise and commitment, the dynamic due ensures that our customers receive the highest level of service and care.

Jim Boyle Sr

Specialty Technician

Allow us to introduce Jim, our remarkable specialty technician who brings a wealth of expertise to every service we offer. A dynamic member of our team, Jim’s presence adds an extra layer of skill and camaraderie to our work environment. Jim grew up in Elmer, NJ and graduated from Arthur P. Schalick

High School. Jim joined Ross Environmental Solutions in 2019.

When he isn’t busy tackling jobs on his own, we sometimes team him up with his son Jay, to take on larger jobs. Together, they form an unstoppable duo, combining their skills and knowledge to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Beyond his impressive workmanship, Jim has a passion for motorcycles. He and his wife enjoy weekend trips together and Jim is also an Assistant Pastor at his Church.

With Jim at the helm, you can trust that your project will be completed with precision and a touch of care.

Hugh Carberry

Service Manager

Hugh is our exceptional Service Manager with a passion for wildlife and a wealth of experience in the field. Hailing from Mount Laurel, NJ, Hugh’s journey to his current role started at Lenape High School. He then pursued his love for marine science at Stockton State College, earning his B.S. degree. For many years, he delved into the fascinating world of fisheries biology, working as a dedicated biologist for The

Department of U.S. Fish & Wildlife.

After retiring from his state job, Hugh’s love for the outdoors and desire to continue his fulfilling career led him to join our Ross Environmental family in 2017. As our Service Manager, he plays a vital role in providing exceptional support to our customers, especially in tackling tricky wildlife situations. Hugh’s expertise and genuine concern for our clients shine through in every interaction, particularly when it comes to those pesky grey squirrel situations.

When he is not expertly handling wildlife matters, Hugh finds solace in his favorite outdoor pastimes: hunting and fishing. But what he truly enjoys is spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren at their Virginia Vacation home. Hugh has a unique talent for crafting duck decoys and they are a testament to his dedication and appreciation for the natural world.

With Hugh at the helm, our team is in safe hands, and our customers receive nothing but the best service and care.

Jeff Chapman

Route Technician

Meet Jeff, our dedicated Routh Technician, who knows the ins and outs of providing top-notch service to our valued customers. Hailing from Buena, NJ, Jeff graduated from Williamstown High School and continued his education at Stockton University. Since joining the Ross Environmental Solutions family in 2022, he has been an invaluable member of our team.

With a heartwarming desire to see his customers happy, Jeff brings a smile to their faces with his exceptional service and friendly demeanor. He takes pride in his work and goes the extra mile to ensure that every customer’s needs are met.

But like any hero, Jeff does have his Kryptonite: fitting into crawl spaces. He may be a master at many things, but those tight spaces are not his favorite.

When he’s not busy making our customers happy, you’ll find Jeff indulging in his favorite pastime – playing video games. Whether he’s exploring virtual worlds, engaging in epic battles, or solving puzzles, gaming provides him with a much-deserved escape from the real world. With Jeff on the route, you can expect nothing but the best service and a friendly face to brighten your day.

Rob Davis

Pest Inspector

Introducing Rob D, our dedicated pest inspector. A native of Franklinville, Rob’s roots in the community run deep, having graduated from Delsea Regional High School. He joined the Ross Environmental Solutions family in 2023, bringing his wealth of knowledge to our team. Rob’s really enjoys assisting customers and providing them with the best solutions for their pest-related concerns. Rob knows how to create a positive experience for every customer he interacts with.

Despite his dedication to pest control, there is one creature that Rob isn’t too fond of – snakes! While he handles various pests with ease, these slithery creatures are not his favorite companions.

When he is not on the job, Rob enjoys spending time with his family and gardening. With Rob as your Pest Inspector, you can rest assured that your pest-related concerns will be handled with care and expertise.

David DiSandro

Route Technician

Meet David, our esteemed Route Technician and the heart and soul of our team. With an incredible tenure since 2002, he holds the title of our longest-standing employee. David’s dedication to serving Atlantic County has made him a familiar and trusted face among our customers.

Reputation precedes him, as David is known for being experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and exceedingly courteous to all he encounters. Customers sing his praises, and the office staff regularly hear how much they love him for his outstanding service.

Originally hailing from Hatfield, PA, David remains a proud supporter of his North Penn High School team, the Knights, keeping his alma mater close to his heart. David’s territory allows him to traverse the beautiful Atlantic County, enjoying the sights and sounds of the shore during his drives.

David’s belief that every pest serves a purpose influences his approach to his work. He prioritizes exclusion methods, seeking to solve pest-related issues before resorting to extermination. This thoughtful and eco-conscious approach demonstrates his commitment to both customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

When he is not delighting customers and exploring the shore, David enjoys spending quality time at home. His loyal canine companion keeps him company, and together, they take on exciting home projects. Birdwatching is another beloved pastime, allowing him to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of our avian friends.

David’s expertise, exceptional service, and genuine care for both customers and the environment have earned him a special place in the hearts of those he serves.

Cole Doty

Service Manager

Meet Cole, our experienced Service Manager with a passion for providing exceptional service and a diverse range of interests. Originally from Plantersville, TX, Cole’s journey to becoming a valued member of our team started at Tomball High School, followed by further education at Blinn College.

Before joining our Ross Environmental Solutions Family in 2022, Cole honed his management skills as a Service Manager for Massey pest control in TX. His experience and expertise make him an asset in leading our team to success.

While Cole is an expert in handling various pests, there’s one insect that he’s not too fond of – wasps. Despite his proficiency in dealing with them, he’s still not a fan of their buzzing presence. When he’s not fearlessly taking on pest-related challenges, Cole enjoys pursuing his favorite hobbies. Hunting and fishing are among his cherished outdoor activities, allowing him to connect with nature and unwind from the demands of work. But that’s not all – Cole is also an avid gamer. Whether he’s exploring virtual worlds, strategizing in epic battles, or solving puzzles, gaming provides him with a much-needed escape and a chance to recharge.

Above all, family time is precious to Cole, and he enjoys bonding with his loved ones during family game nights. These moments bring joy, laughter, and a strong sense of unity, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

With Cole leading the charge as one of our Service Managers, you can expect a skilled and dedicated professional who ensures every aspect of our service is up to the highest standards.

Richard Gaunce

Pest Inspector

Say hello to Rich, our seasoned Pest Inspector with a passion for helping customers and a wealth of experience. Originally from Boston, MA, Rich’s journey to becoming a valued member of our team started at Somerville High School, and he has been with Ross Environmental Solutions since 2021.

With over 30 years in the pest control industry, Rich’s expertise is unparalleled. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their needs. His genuine care and empathy for customers truly make him stand out. Rich finds joy in easing their worries and ensuring they feel confident in the services we provide.

Beyond his dedication to pest control, Rich has a love for reading and a soft spot for classic films and Film Noir. Immersing himself in the captivating worlds of literature and cinema allows him to unwind and appreciate the beauty of storytelling.

However, one of Rich’s most impressive passions lies within the realm of comic books. With a collection of over 14,000 books, he’s a true connoisseur of the colorful and thrilling world of comics. His collection is a testament to his love for art, storytelling, and the captivating characters that have inspired readers for generations.

When Rich arrives at your doorstep, you can expect nothing less than exceptional service, backed by decades of experience and a genuine desire to help.

Daisha Green

Social Media Specialist

Meet Daisha, our talented Social Media Specialist, whose vibrant presence has been gracing Ross Environmental Solutions since 2021. Originally from Parsippany, NJ, Daisha attended Parsippany High School.

For Daisha, coming to work feels like being part of a big family, and that fuels her passion and dedication to her role. As our social media guru, she takes joy in connecting with customers and sharing valuable insights about pest control and wildlife. Her genuine interest in learning new things keeps her on the cutting edge of industry knowledge, making her invaluable to our team.

When she is not busy engaging customers, Daisha has a range of hobbies that keep her creatively fulfilled. Crocheting is one of her cherished pastimes. Alongside her crafting, Daisha finds solace in the world of books, immersing herself in captivating stories.

Family time holds a special place in Daisha’s heart. With a loving husband, six kids and two dogs, her home is filled with love and laughter. The bond she shares with family brings her immense joy and< erves as a source of strength in her busy life.

Daisha’s life journey took her to Alabama for a few years, where she had the delightful company of a donkey named Sam. Despite the distance, the memories of their time together hold a special place in her heart, and she fondly remembers the days spent with her dear companion. With Daisha leading our social media efforts, you can expect a delightful and engaging experience.

Amanda Leatherwood

Office Administrator

Amanda is our remarkable Office Administrator who has been a part of the Ross Environmental Solutions legacy since practically forever! Growing up in Franklinville and graduating from Delsea Regional High School, Amanda’s story is as local as it gets.

And guess what? Amanda’s not just an office superstar – she’s actually the niece of the awesome Owner’s, Harry and Colleen Ross. Starting her journey with the company at the tender age of 12 >Amanda’s talents have taken her through a variety of roles, from Customer Service to even being a Pest Inspector.

When it comes to pests, Amanda’s our rescue ranger. Whether it’s a snake or a bird stuck on a sticky trap, she’s the one to call for ultimate liberation mission. Now, here’s a secret: centipedes aren’t exactly Amanda’s favorite pals.

Ever met someone who can quote movies like it’s nobody’s business? That’s Amanda for you! With a pop-culture reference for every situation, she’s the ultimate entertainment encyclopedia. Amanda loves to crochet and spend time with her daughter Amelia and her family.

Amanda’s genuine passion for helping people, her incredible versatility and her friendly spirit make her a truly cherished member of our team.

Amelia Leatherwood

Morale Booster

Let’s introduce you to the absolute delight that is Amelia – our very own morale booster in the office! Just like her Mommy, Amelia has practically been part of the family business since she was a tiny one, she made her office debut back in 2018 when was just 3 months old. Growing up right alongside the business, her vibrant spirit brings an extra dose of sunshine to our team. Talk about a tiny office superstar in the making.

Amelia’s kindergarten adventure is just beginning! She’s all about soaking up new knowledge and having a blast playing with her buddies. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she’s ready to conquer every learning challenge that comes her way.

Here’s a funny fact – bugs of any kind aren’t exactly Amelia’s cup of tea. She’s firmly on our side when it comes to exterminating and controlling those critter populations.

Amelia is very busy creating her own magical world with her Barbies and playing with her friends and cousins. Oh, and epic phrases? Amelia’s got those covered too! She’s a little wordsmith coming up with phrases that’ll leave you smiling. So, when you visit our office, keep an eye out for Amelia – the pint-sized morale booster!

Walter Mangler

Route Technician

Let’s introduce you to Walt, our Burlington County route technician, and the true heart of friendly service! Growing up in Mt. Laurel and graduating from Lenape High School, Walt’s journey brought him to Liberty Baptist College in Virginia.

With over 14 years of pest control expertise, Walt became an essential part of our Ross Environmental Solutions Family in 2015. Walt isn’t just a technician, he’s your Burlington County go-to guy! If you ask his customers, they’ll tell you – he’s the one they request by name, the one who brightens up their day.

You know what makes Walt special? It’s his personal touch. He doesn’t just solve pest problems; he forms connections. He knows your dog’s name, your kids’ names, and even your birthday. But that’s not all – Walt’s the guy who goes the extra mile. Need help with those bins? He’s on it. Newspaper to the door? Consider it done! Walt makes sure every service is completed with precision and care.

Now, about snakes – Walt’s not exactly their biggest fan. If there’s a snake lurking, Walt’s the first to spot it and give you a heads up. It’s like he’s got a sixth sense for those slithery creatures!

When he’s not on the pest-busting mission, Walt loves kicking back in his backyard with his dogs. And his perfect way to wind down? Tuning in to the Hallmark Channel every night. So, when you meet Walt, you’re not just meeting a technician – you’re meeting a friend who’s got your back.

Mark Marino

Termite and Specialty Technician

Allow us to introduce Mark, our Termite and Specialty Technician extraordinaire, whose journey from Woodbury, NJ, to the pest-busting realm is nothing short of remarkable. A proud graduate of West Deptford High School in 1999, Mark’s path took an exciting turn as he spent four years in the Navy.

Mark joined the Ross Environmental Family in 2021 but has over 20 years’ experience as an exterminator, Mark’s skills are as sharp as they come, and he’s a certified termite treater to boot! His inspiration? A book, “The Exterminator” by William Burrough, which set him on the path to becoming the pest-slaying hero he is today.

Mark’s job isn’t just a profession, it’s a thrilling adventure. Each day presents new challenges and takes him to diverse places, turning his work into a journey of exploration. Bugs aren’t the only thing that gives Mark the creeps. Maggots are not his favorite to say the least. Mark is an art creator extraordinaire and has had solo art shows around the area.

Here’s a fun fact, when Mark was just 5 years old, he got to meet Perry Cuomo. With Mark, your experience is bound to be an unforgettable one!

Christian Matthews

Route Technician

Meet Christian, our friendly and experienced route technician who’s been making waves in the pest control world for over 8 years. Chrisitan grew up in Clayton, NJ and proudly graduated from Clayton High School.

Since joining Ross Environmental in 2019, Christian has been Cape May County’s go-to guy for all things pest control. Whether it’s dealing with pesky ants or those ever-troublesome rats, Christian takes on the challenge with pride, knowing he’s helping customers find their peace again.

Christian interests aren’t limited to pest control, he’s a true nature enthusiast who finds joy in bird watching. Chrisitan’s wife is his ultimate companion in life’s adventures, making every moment that much sweeter.

Chrisian has a knack for photography that is simply awe-inspiring. Not only does he capture stunning moments through his lens, but he’s also a master of photo-editing, turning snapshots into true works of art.

When you meet Christian, you’re not just meeting a pest control expert – you’re meeting a passionate bird-watcher, a loving husband, and a photography virtuoso.

Robert Moore

Pest Inspector

Meet Rob, our friendly and dedicated pest inspector who brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Ross team. Hailing from Millville, NJ, Rob’s educational journey led him through Cedarville High School and all the way to the halls of Rowan University. Since joining Ross Environmental Solutions in 2019, Rob has been our go-to expert in all thing’s pest related. His drive and dedication shine through in his work, and his love for finding solutions is nothing short of inspiring.

For Rob, this job isn’t just a career – it’s a journey of independence. He thrives on the freedom to tackle pest challenges wherever they may be, making every day a new adventure.

Rob does not like stinkbugs and their persistence might get under his skin, but it only fuels his determination to outsmart them.

Outside of work, Rob’s all about staying active with his wife. Whether they’re hitting the gym or kicking a soccer ball around, fitness and sports play a big role in their lives. In fact, Rob was such an avid soccer player that he even took on the role of assistant Head Coach for Rowan University.

When you meet Rob, you’re not just meeting a pest expert, you’re meeting a fitness enthusiast, a sports lover, and a dedicated team player.

Matthew Myers

General Manager

Meet Matt, our fantastic General Manager, who is a local through and through, growing up in Franklinville, NJ and graduating from Delsea Regional High School. He then went on to graduate from The College of New Jersey.

Starting his career with us back in 2011 as a route technician, Matt’s dedication, and passion for the job have propelled him to his current role as General Manager. His wealth of knowledge and experience have become indispensable pillars of our team, and we can always count on Matt when we need him most.

Outside the world of pest control, Matt’s heart lies in spending quality time with his beloved wife and daughter. Whether they’re out camping, hiking, whipping up delicious meals, or simply enjoying each other’s company, family moments are precious to Matt. And there’s an adventurer within Matt too, He enjoys the thrill of hunting and capturing the stunning beauty of new places through his photography. Every journey becomes an opportunity to preserve memories in captivating snapshots.

When you meet Matt, you’re not just meeting a General Manager, you’re meeting a family man, an adventurer, and a skillful photographer.

Devin Petite

Route Technician

Introducing Devin, our dedicated Route Technician, covering Eastern Gloucester County and parts of Eastern Camden County. Devin’s journey began in Buena, NJ, where he proudly graduated from Buena Regional High School before furthering his education at Atlantic County Community College.

Joining the Ross Environmental Solutions family in 2020, Devin quickly established himself as a people person. He thrives on interaction and enjoys getting to know his customers, making each encounter a friendly and positive experience.

Now, here’s a little secret about Devin, he’s not exactly a fan of roaches. But that’s precisely what makes him so effective in keeping them at bay!

Beyond his pest-fighting duties, Devin finds his greatest joy in spending time with his loving family. He’s happily married and has a son. Weekend mornings he can often be found taking his son out for breakfast, creating precious memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Sports are another passion of Devin’s. He is an avid fan of baseball and football, so if you ever want to chat about the latest game, he’s your go-to guy. When you meet Devin, you’re not just meeting a Route Technician, you’re meeting a friend.

Colleen Ross

Termite Coordinator, Co-Owner

Let’s introduce you to Colleen, the Termite Coordinator and co-owner of Ross Environmental Solutions, along with her husband, Harry Ross. Colleen’s story begins in the vibrant streets of South Philadelphia, where she was born and raised.

With her roots firmly planted in the Ross legacy, Colleen has been an integral part of the office since.  Over the years, she has worn every hat there is and amassed a treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

But beyond the office, Colleen’s heart belongs to her family. Spending time with her niece Millie (Amelia) and her granddaughter Lucy is her most cherished moments. Colleen’s genuine care and warmth extend to every employee, treating them like family. And speaking of family, she loves catching up with her two children, Jessica, and Zachary, whenever possible. Family bonds are her lifeline.

Colleen is the epitome of a people person. Helping customers with their issues brings her immense joy.

Her commitment to making each customer feel valued is what sets Ross Environmental Solutions apart.

Get ready for a pest-free journey filled with warmth and expert guidance from Colleen that is bound to leave you feeling like part of the Ross family!

Harry Ross

Owner, President, CEO

Allow us to introduce you to the heart and soul of Ross Environmental Solutions, the man behind it all Harry Ross! Harry is not just the owner and President; he’s the driving force that has kept our family owned business thriving for over 30 years.

Harry’s journey began in the picturesque town of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Wissahickon High School, continued his education at Montgomery County Community College and eventually earned his degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Harry’s career path took a fascinating turn after spending years in the restaurant industry, grappling with the pests that often come with it. Seeking a change of pace, he embarked on a journey into the world of pest control, working for two national Pest Control companies, he discovered a passion for pest control that led him to open his very own business – the Ross Environmental Solutions we know today!

Since 1987, Harry has been a presence in the industry, and he still finds joy in helping customers and technicians solve their pest-related challenges. However, there’s one critter he can’t quite get used to – snakes!

As a certified entomologist, Harry is a master at identifying insects. He is the go-to guy when technicians or curious customers bring in puzzling specimens.

But what truly sets Harry apart is his commitment to the growth and well-being of his employees, both professionally and personally. Just like his wife, Colleen, Harry treats each employee like family. Ensuring their happiness and well-being is one of his top priorities as an employer. In his free-time, Harry enjoys a wide range of activities, from skiing to bicycling to his passion for drawing, with old sports stadiums and antique cars as his favorite subjects. He’s a devoted Phillies fan who never passes up the chance to catch a game.

Harry is a proud member of the National Pest Association, the National Pest Association of New Jersey, and the Williamstown Rotary Club. He also participates in the MS Bike Ride from Cherry Hill, NJ down to Ocean City, NJ – an event that reflects his commitment to giving back to the community.

When you meet Harry, you’re not just meeting a business owner – you’re meeting a passionate leader, a devoted family man, and a community champion.

Zachary Ross

Pest Inspector

Meet Zachary, our dedicated Pest Inspector with a unique journey that takes him from Franklinville, NJ to the Windy City and back again. Zac grew up in the heart of the business, making pest control a part of his life from a young age. After a brief hiatus to explore other pursuits, he returned to Ross in 2022, ready to contribute his talents to the family legacy.

Zac has a bit of a nemesis when it comes to his job: ladders. Despite that, his dedication to providing top-notch services shines through.

Beyond his pest-fighting duties, Zac is a devoted fan of Philly sports and wrestling, making him the go-to guy for the latest game or match updates.

Most people don’t know that Zac is not just a pest inspector, he is also a creative soul. He wrote and directed a movie, showcasing his talents in the world of storytelling and cinema.

Get ready for a pest-solving journey with Zac that’s sure to be as exciting as the movies he creates!

Stephanie Vannello

Accounts Representative

Meet Stephanie, our friendly Accounts Representative, who brings a unique blend of education and passion to the Ross team. Hailing from South Jersey, Stephanie’s educational journey took her through Atlantic Cape Community College, where she earned an associate degree in communications and writing while actively participating in five club positions. She then continued her education at Stockton, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in arts.

Joining Ross in 2023, Stephanie discovered her favorite part about this job – community and a strong sense of belonging, not only within the office but also with the valued customers.

Stephanie is an avid reader with an impressive collection of over 500 books. Her love for literature knows no bounds. She’s also a fan of exploring museums, antiquing, and basking in the sun at Strathmere beach.

Despite her fear of bugs, Stephanie has a unique collection of six specimens of taxidermy butterflies. It’s a testament to her appreciation for the beauty of nature, even in its smallest forms.

Get ready for a pest-free journey filled with warmth, knowledge, and delightful surprises with Stephanie that’s bound to leave you feeling right at home!

Louis Williams

Pest Inspector

Meet Lou, our friendly Pest Inspector who’s a true local from Williamstown. He’s a proud alumni of Williamstown High School and continued his education at Upsala College.

Since joining Ross Environmental Solutions in 2023, Lou has been making a mark as a people person. His favorite part of the job? Engaging with customers, making every interaction a pleasant one. Lou is not exactly the best of buddies with fleas. But that’s okay because it gives him the opportunity to provide top-notch service and ensure homes are pest-free.

When he is not wearing his pest inspector hat, Lou enjoys casting a line and going fishing. Spending time with his daughters and wife is another cherished pastime.

Lou has a background in Mental Health that spans over 24 years. It’s a testament to his dedication to helping and connecting with people.

Get ready for a pest-free journey filled with friendly interactions and valuable insights from Lou that’ll leave you feeling at ease!

Chris Worstall

Commercial Route Technician

Introducing Chris, our dedicated Commercial Route Technician with a knack for solving problems and making customers happy. Hailing from the Blackwood/Voorhees area, Chris is a proud graduate of Eastern High School and holds a business degree from Camden County College.

Chris’s journey into the Ross family began in 2019. With a strong network of mutual friends, he was a natural fit for our team.

Now, here’s something interesting, Chris is a master at solving and evaluating customer issues. He’s dedicated to ensuring that every challenge is met with effective solutions that leave customers satisfied.

Chris is not exactly fond of large hornets or wasp nests, but he takes on the challenge with the same determination he brings to all his tasks.

Chris enjoys the thrill of attending concerts and sporting events and he is a die-hard Flyers fan, never missing a game.

Get ready for a pest-free journey filled with expert solutions and shared enthusiasm with Chris that is bound to leave you impressed and content!

Ryan VanVelson

Route Technician

Allow us to introduce Ryan, our dedicated Route Technician who is on a mission to keep Cumberland County and parts of Atlantic County pest-free. Ryan grew up in Buena, NJ and graduated from Buena Regional High School.

Joining the Ross team in 2022, Ryan quickly found his groove in the pest control world. What excites him the most about the job? The satisfaction of eliminating customers’ pest issues, making their homes feel

safe and comfortable. Ryan isn’t exactly a fan of crawlspaces or spiders. They might send a shiver down his spine, but he’s

always ready to face his fears for the sake of ensuring pest-free homes. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys the thrill of basketball games, hanging out with friends, and immersing

himself in the world of video games. Most people might not know that Ryan used to play the clarinet.

When you meet Ryan, you’re not just meeting a route technician, you’re meeting a determined problem solver, a sports enthusiast, and a musician at heart.

Rory Ross

In House Therapy Dog

Let’s introduce you to Rory, our beloved in-house therapy dog, who joined the Ross household in 2018. Rory’s journey began in Georgia, eventually making his way to the Voorhees Animal Shelter, and it was love at first sight for the Ross family. In 2019, Rory graduated from Obedience School at the top of his class, a testament to his intelligence and good nature. Since then, he’s been a cherished member of the office team, accompanying Mom and Dad to work and spreading joy wherever he goes. Rory absolutely adores the office atmosphere, especially the free snacks and comfy sofa, which makes for the perfect nap spot. However, he does find it hard to focus when those pesky squirrels make an appearance, though he’s yet to catch one.

Outside of office hours, Rory lives a good life. He enjoys leisurely naps, sunbathing and gnawing on his favorite bones and toys.

Rory is bound to leave you feeling uplifted and content!

Winston Ross

Troublemaker, Merchandise Inspector

Introducing Winston, our resident troublemaker and merchandise inspector, who’s truly a bundle of joy! Winston is Rory’s little brother and became a part of the household and office dynamic in 2020. He is originally from the South and found his forever home through the Lindenwold Animal Shelter.

Winston has a unique way of greeting his coworkers and visitors, he takes his role as a merchandise inspector quite seriously. Bags, coats, and hats are carefully inspected for hidden snacks, and he’s not

one to miss an opportunity to remind everyone to empty their garbage bins because he is on a quest to find those delicious hidden treats.

Winston has a heart full of love and kisses for everyone he meets, including his fellow canine friends. His enthusiasm is simply infectious.

Winston’s impressive resume includes graduating from both Obedience School and Intermediate classes, showcasing his intelligence and willingness to learn. However, there is one thing that rattles this

spirited pup, bees! When he is not on duty, you can find Winston stirring up some fun in the office, relaxing with his brother

Rory, or engaging in epic wrestling matches. Winston’s antics, wagging tails, and heartwarming moments will leave you feeling uplifted and cherished.



Allow us to introduce you to Radar, our charming mascot, and the inspiration behind our logo. Radar is no ordinary pup, he is a bedbug-sniffing dog who takes his job very seriously, ensuring that our spaces stay pest-free.

But Radar’s talents extend beyond the office. He’s a social butterfly who loves attending all our events and meeting new people. He is the life of the party, always ready to spread some joy.

When Radar isn’t hard at work, he enjoys the finer things in life. Naps, belly rubs, and treats are his favorite indulgences, and he knows how to savor them. But there is more to Radar than just being a charming canine. He’s a passionate advocate for raising

awareness about bedbugs and the importance of pest control. He’s even had the honor of leading a little league parade, showcasing his star power.


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