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Why You Need a Real Estate Termite Inspection When Buying an Absecon, NJ House & Home!

There are several requirements from lenders, buyers and sellers when in the process of buying a house. If you are in this process, one requirement that may be expected of you is a termite inspection. Having a termite inspection done can be beneficial to both the seller and the buyer. Environmental Ross Solutions is here to help you know the ins and outs of real estate termite inspections.

Termite Inspection Before Home Purchase

Termites can be a nasty house guest. They wreak havoc wherever they go. Unfortunately, the damage that they cause is often undetectable until it has reached a severe state. If you are getting ready to sell your home, it may be a good idea to have a termite inspection done. This can help you get your home ready to sell. If there are termites present you can take care of them before there is further structural damage. This way you can present the buyer with proof that you have taken care of the problem. It is a peace of mind for many buyers. On the other hand, if you are getting ready to put in an offer on a home, it is often times required that a termite inspection be performed on the property by the lender.

If there is termite damage and activity present then you have some options including:
1. If the damage is severe, you may want to consider walking away from the property.
2. Negotiating with the sellers to cover the cost to repair and eradicate the termite problem.
3. Consider covering the cost of the damages yourself and purchase the home any way.

Who Pays for Termite Inspection? Buyer or Seller?

The party that is responsible for the cost of the inspection varies. There are times that the lender will cover the cost if they are requesting that the inspection take place. The buyer is often the party covering the cost, or the buyer can negotiate to have the cost covered by the seller. If the lender is requiring the inspection to be done, it will need to be performed within 30 days of closing.

Termite Inspection Procedure? What to Expect?

When a termite inspection is done, a licensed termite inspector from Ross Environmental Solutions will check the house both inside and out. It is a visual check and will not disrupt the home structurally. The inspector will be looking for tall tale signs of termite activity. These signs include:
Wood Damage– Termites can be very messy and leave behind bits of wings and piles of waste that look like sawdust. By tapping the wood near these sawdust piles, you can often hear a hollow sound in the wood.
Mud Tubes– Many termites build tubes along your home’s foundation, chimneys, joists and other fixtures.
Swarming Termites– A sure sign of a termite problem is the presence of swarming termites. They are looking for a place to start a new colony.

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Buying a new home is a big purchase. It is worth the money to have a termite inspection done to give you all the facts about the home you are purchasing. Ross Environmental Solutions has licensed termite inspectors that will determine the condition of your prospective home in regards to termite damage.

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