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Where Do Spiders Go in the Winter Time in Marlton, NJ? How to Get Rid of Spider Pests in Your Home

Many will ask if it is possible to have spiders in the winter. The answer is yes, it is possible to have spiders in your home in winter. In fact, many homes do. Most species of spider are able to remain functional during the winter season. This is because spiders have an internal antifreeze system. Spiders don’t mind the cold at all and will even spend the entire winter outside. However, their breakfast doesn’t feel the same way. Spiders feed on other insects and if they can’t find a food source outside they will come inside your home hoping to find a meal. Ross Environmental Solutions will share why spiders are often found in homes during the winter and how you can prevent spiders finding harborage in your residence.

Why is There a Spider Infestation in My House?

There are a number of reasons why spiders will invade homes. Spiders will invade homes in search of food as stated. However, that’s not the only reason. Some species of spider like humidity and are drawn to laundry rooms and bathrooms. This could be due to the fact that cockroaches like humidity and they can be found in these humid areas. Spiders also require a drink of water. Spiders will drink out of the dripping faucets. Spiders will also invade homes to find a secure place to nest and lay their eggs. This usually occurs during the fall and they can be found hiding in boxes, and in tighter areas. Most spiders love darker areas or undisturbed areas. This is why spiders can be found hiding around dusty window sills. Spiders like dust because it tells them this is a safe undisturbed area. Some species of spider, like brown recluse spiders which in recent year invaded New Jersey, will hide in dark places such as shoes. Brown recluse spiders don’t make webs. They hide in dark places during the day and go hunting at night. This makes them very unpredictable. Brown recluse spiders will even hide in the sleeves of jackets and sweaters where most bites occur. Make sure you shake out your shoes and jackets before putting them on.

How to Prevent Spiders in Your Home

Spiders are still a problem even during the winter season which is why it is important to prevent spiders from entering your home, especially the dangerous species such as the Brown Recluse spider, Northern Black Widow spider, and the Wolf spider. Spider prevention starts by preventing insects and other pests. You will want to make sure your home is sealed from the outside. Inspect windows, and doors for gaps or openings that are large enough to allow pests inside. Cracks and gaps should be sealed. Additionally, make sure your home is protected by spraying around windows, doors, and the edges along your home with pesticides. Avoid clutter. Spiders can live, hunt and hide in clutter by keeping the outside and inside of your home. Eliminating clutter can reduce spiders as well as other pests.

Spider Control

If spiders begin to show up in force during the winter make sure to seek out professional assistance. Contact a pest control service. Some spiders can be dangerous yet most will only bite when provoked or if they feel threatened. If you find you have a spider infestation this winter, contact Ross Environmental Solutions. We provide quality pest control services and can protect your home from spiders. Contact Ross Environmental Solutions today!

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