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Where Do Skunks Live in the Winter & How to Keep Wildlife Away from Your Ocean City, NJ Home

Skunks are most active during the spring and through the fall. Come winter they typically make themselves scarce. For most homeowners, skunks no longer become a problem during the winter unless a skunk chooses to hibernate in their yard. If skunks find a warm enough place, they may not hibernate at all. Often, if they invade urban areas, some skunks can manage to stay active even during the winter. Ross Environmental Solutions will explain how skunks may pose a problem in your home this cold winter season.

Do Skunks Hibernate

Like bears, skunks will eat to gain fat throughout the spring and summer and come fall, they will look for a place to sleep. Their fat helps keep them warm and metabolizes their system while they sleep. However, skunks don’t go into a deep sleep like bears. In fact, there are time during midwinter that skunks will wake up if they need to eat. Skunks don’t truly hibernate. Instead, they enter a state of Torpor which allows skunks to wake up. Since skunks don’t create enough fat to make it through the entire winter season, they will wake up and be aggressive when it comes to scavenging for food.

Where Do Skunks Live in the Winter

Skunks will often sleep in the same site as they have their babies. Often skunks will dig burrows underneath the foundation of homes, under porches, patios and decks. They will even take over abandoned burrows from other animals such as foxes, and raccoons. When skunks do emerge during the winter season, it is because they need food. They will invade yards and other areas where they can find something to eat. Skunks do not store extra food like animals that truly hibernate which is why they can be seen rummaging around yards and homes during the winter season. In most cases, skunks will return to their den or hibernating sites once they have found enough food to eat. However, multiple sightings could indicate that their dens are nearby.

Skunks Digging Up Lawn & Other Damage

When skunks are looking for food they can be very destructive. They will tear through trash bags, tip over trash cans, and even begin clawing through gardens. Skunks can be aggressive toward humans and pets too. They are also known to carry rabies. If a skunk is showing odd behavior stay away from them and call a professional pest control service to remove the animal.

How to Scare Skunks Away

If you don’t want skunks scavenging around your home during the winter, make sure to keep trash can lids closed tightly and all garbage bags sealed. Additionally, avoid leaving pet food outside for extended periods of time. Skunks will eat dog and cat food as well as bird seeds. Avoid leaving food outside even during the winter season.

Wildlife Control & Removal

If you find that a skunk has decided to make their den underneath your home or on your property, contact a professional pest control company that provides wildlife removal services. If you need help controlling pests, including wildlife, contact Ross Environmental Solutions for all of your pest control needs.

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