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Do Wasps Overwinter? When Do these Stinging Insects Come Out in Spring in Mount Holly, NJ?

During the coldest months of the year, you can count on wasps either dying off or ducking for cover in hopes they make it to the next spring. These pests are more than a nuisance when they are infesting your property during the spring, summer and fall. It can leave homeowners wondering when they have to worry about them during the spring months. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about wasp activity during the spring and what you can expect to see as we start to reach more and more ideal temperatures outside.

Do Wasps Overwinter?

Regardless of what many people think, wasps don’t simply die off during the winter months. Many of them find a hole or crevice that they can hide in and wait out the winter. While the queen is the most important wasp to make it through the winter so she can start to build up her colony in the spring, she isn’t the only one that will try its hardest to survive. Many wasps do end up dying because of lack of nutrients or harsh weather conditions but many survive too!

Why am I Seeing Wasps in April?

As we start to feel temperatures creep up into a more comfortable zone this April, you will also start to see plants, pests and animals start to emerge from their winter hide outs. This includes wasps. The queen is quite active during the spring as she is trying to locate the perfect place to build her nest and lay her eggs to start up her colony. She will be looking for a place that is hard to reach and somewhat hidden, so the nest won’t be disturbed. Some common places she may start to build include:
– Eaves
– Beneath a Deck
– Sheds
– Garages
– High Overhangs
– Window Frames
– & More

How Do You Keep Wasps Away?

Many people don’t enjoy having wasps on their property. Here are some tips to help keep them away this spring.
– Seal any cracks or gaps you can find around your home. This will keep queens from being able to have access to an area she would be able to build a nest.
– Make sure all the screens on your doors and windows are intact and have not sustained any damage.
– Using a screen, block off all access underneath your porches and decks so that a queen can’t start to build.
– Fill in any rodent holes on your property as a queen wasp will never dig a hole in the ground to build a nest. She will, however, build a nest in a hole that is already there for the taking.

Stinging Insect Control

If you have noticed wasps that are already starting to make their presence known around your house, it may be time to call on the pest professionals at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you stay on top of the problem. Call us today!

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