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Are Wasps Active in Spring in Mount Laurel, NJ? Why Am I Seeing Stinging Insects in April & May?

As we start to enjoy more and more time outside with warmer weather, you are more than likely going to notice that plants aren’t the only ones starting to wake up from their winter slumber. Wasps are starting to become a problem as well. As soon as you start to see steady 50 degree days, you will also start to hear those pests buzzing around as well. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about wasp activity and what you can expect throughout the season.

Wasp Queens Come Out in April

For the most part, you will see queens start to emerge from their winter slumber in the month of April. When the weather starts to warm up, it lets the queen know it’s time to wake up and build a nest for the eggs that she had fertilized last fall. She will start to build a nest out of wood fibers that she mixes with her saliva. Once she has a place for the eggs, they will hatch into infertile female worker wasps that will work to continue to build the colony.

Do Wasps Build Nests in May?

Those worker wasps will continue to help build a larger nest and grow the colony through the month of May. They will be in charge of feeding the eggs that are hatching from the individual cells the queen lays them in. The larvae will continue to grow into adulthood and the colony will start to thrive. This will continue to happen throughout the summer months, but by the end of May, there will be hundreds of new wasps that will join in this effort of growing the colony and building out the nest.

Why are there so Many Active Wasps in June & July?

Throughout June, the colony is continuing to grow, they will reach their peak activity towards the end of June and beginning of July. They are out in full force pollinating and gathering food for the growing colony of wasps. Not only will they be eating nectar, but wasps also feed on a high protein diet of other, smaller insects. They will be bringing the food that they find back to their nest throughout the summer. This is the time of year you will see more wasps that ever trying their hardest to ruin your BBQ.

Do Wasps Go Away in August?

During this time, worker wasps are going to start dying down and the queen is going to start slowly stopping laying the eggs. Wasps tend to become more aggressive at this time as food starts to become scarcer.

Stinging Insect Control

If you have noticed that there is wasp activity already on your property, you can turn to Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get the problem under control. We will get rid of your wasp problem so that you can enjoy the great outdoors once again. Call us today!

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