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Unexpected Expenses When Buying an Older House in Mount Laurel, NJ; Mold Remediation, Pest Control & More

There are so many older homes that are rich with character and history in New Jersey. Many people love to purchase these homes and preserve a bit of that history. Some of the most beautiful homes can be homes that have been erected for 100 years and restored to enhance their beauty. While that sounds all well and good, there are maintenance expenses that can come with purchasing an older home and Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about some of them.

Trim Mature Trees to Keep Rodents Climbing Onto House

When you are buying an old property, there are likely some large trees on that property. Trees bring shade and beauty to a mature yard. Old trees can also be a problem too. If they haven’t been maintained well, they can pose a threat to your home. Some old trees may look healthy but are actually half dead and have a hollow trunk. They also need to be pruned so that they aren’t touching the home or rodents may become a problem.

Buying a House with Mold Issues

If a home has been around for hundreds of years, there is a chance that there is some sort of mold growing somewhere in the home. This is especially true if the house has been neglected for years before you purchased it. All it takes is one little water leak from old, worn out pipes to cause substantial mold growth. If you walk into the home and can smell something like mildew, there is more than likely some sort of mold growth that will need to be dealt with.

Old House Electrical Wiring

Hopefully the electrical system has been updated throughout the years, but there are several homes that have been around for many years and have the original electrical system still intact. This will mean significant electrical upgrades will be needed to bring the home up to the modern day demands of our technical world.

Pest Infestation on Premises

It is not uncommon for older homes to have pest infestations of many kinds throughout them. Hopefully, when you were in the process of purchasing the home, you had a pest inspection to ensure there weren’t any damaging pests like termites in the home. However, if there are rodents, cockroaches and even spiders crawling throughout the home for years unchecked, you will likely need the help of pest control professionals to get rid of them for good. The infestations are likely worse that a home that has been properly maintained, and an infestation can be more difficult to remove.

Pest Inspections & Control

If you have purchased an old home, it can be an exciting time as you start to make it your own with upgrades and remodeling projects. At Ross Environmental Solutions, we don’t only offer pest control services and pest inspections, we also provide our customers with mold remediation services to make your home a safe place for your family. Call us today!

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