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“Tiny Termite House” Destroyed By Termites

There is so much talk about the destruction that can come from a termite infestation. Have you ever thought that it would be interesting to have an in depth look at what a termite does without having it completely destroy your home? Well insert the tiny termite house. This is a close up look at what would happen if a home was built and termites were to take it over. The National Pest Management Association put out a film that shows exactly what would happen when you release termites into the perfect conditions and see what happens. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to explain why this film is a must watch.

Premise of the Tiny Termite House Study

The Tiny Termite House is study and video that was produced unlike any before it. A small, tiny built to scale house with everything you would expect to see in a house found anywhere in the US. It came complete with plumbing, insulation, electricity and more. It was even built on its very own cement slab. One of the coolest features of this house is the fact that it had small cameras installed all throughout out to document what was about to happen. Once completed a caste of termites was placed in the soil surrounding this tiny house then we sat back and watched. The whole goal for researchers was to see just how fast termites can truly destroy a home if they are left unchecked.

Early Signs of Damage to Tiny Termite House

The first thing that happened was 500,000 subterranean termites were unloaded in the soil surrounding the tiny house. Through the documentation, researchers found that these termites immediately found all of the weaknesses in the home’s foundation and got to work quickly. Just like with a real house, there was evidence of their activity because of the mud tubes that were formed on the foundation of the tiny house. This is the first sign that everyone should be watching for.

Final Walk Through of Termite Infested House

During the final walkthrough of the tiny termite house, it was clear that the damage that was sustained was severe. Almost every single wall and floor joist in the house was completely eaten away. When the subflooring was removed, it uncovered the hundreds of thousands of termites scattering about.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

This study and video gives us a better look than ever before at what can happen when you are dealing with a termite problem. Because of the quick work they make of eating away at your home, it is important that at the first sign of termite activity you call on the pest professionals at Ross Environmental Solutions to get to work eradicating them. They can be difficult to spot if you aren’t looking for the signs. The number one sign that is often present is the presence of mud tubes on your foundation. They are fragile, yet easy to spot. If you spot these, call us today to schedule your termite inspection.

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