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Termites, Firewood & Your Home in Mantua Township, NJ; How to Prevent Termite Infestations this Winter Season

There are some pests that homeowners are more okay to deal with than others. Most homeowners will tell you; they want nothing to do termites when it comes to their home. These destructive pests can end up causing significant damage to your property that can be costly to repair and replace. This leaves homeowners looking for tips to help keep termites from infesting the walls of their home. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share ways that you can help keep your home safe from termite infestation.

Eliminate Moisture Problems to Keep Termites Away

If there is anywhere around your foundation that you see moisture accumulating, you need to make repairs to solve the issue. Moisture is one of the things that attracts termites to your home. Termites actually live in soil rather than the walls of your home. When the soil around your house is wet, it is more likely to be infested by these insects. Not only should you avoid moisture near your foundation, but if you have a crawl space, it should remain dry as well. Lowering humidity levels by installing the appropriate number of vents will help you keep termites away.

Keep Termites out of Firewood & Wood Pile

You should avoid storing firewood anywhere near your home. Firewood is an easy target for a termite colony’s next meal. When it is stacked up against your home, it makes it easy for termites to move directly from the firewood to your home in one fell swoop. Not only should you avoid stacking firewood against your home, but vines, dead stumps and roots in your yard can be a problem as well. Where it makes sense, you should work to remove all of these from your property.

Use Mulch Sparingly in Landscaping to Prevent Termites

While mulch can look beautiful in your garden beds, it is also made of wood and attracts termites. If you do decide to use mulch, consider only using it no closer than 15 inches to your foundation to help keep termites and other pests from infesting your home. You can get a beautiful look using pea gravel or crushed stone in your garden beds instead.

Termite Treatment

One way to keep termites from coming into the walls of your home is to have your home treated by a pest professional. Investing in a termiticide is one of the most effective ways to ensure all of the hidden entrances in your home are safeguarded against termite infestation. Pest control specialists have the experience needed to know what places are most likely to become a problem on your property.

Termite Inspections & Control

At Ross Environmental Solutions, we know how important it is to keep your home safe from a termite infestation. When you call on our team of professionals to treat your home, you can rest easy knowing that termites aren’t a problem. If you currently have a termite infestation that you’re dealing with, you can count on us to get rid of them for good. Call us today!

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