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Does a Termite Swarm Mean a Home Infestation in Ocean City, NJ? When are Termites Most Active?

Termites are one of those insects no homeowner ever wants to have to deal with. They can be incredibly destructive if an infestation goes unnoticed. The biggest problem with termite infestations is that they are hard to locate, so they do often go unnoticed until the problem is severe. They are the cause of significant home damage that can cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. The key to avoiding a termite infestation is knowing what to look for and one of them is swarmers. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about termite swarmers, and what they mean for your home.

What Do Termite Swarmers Mean?

When most people think about termites, they think about little bugs that crawl behind your walls, eating the wood that makes up your home. Maybe you don’t realize that they send out swarms in the spring months. However, you should be aware of swarming termites because they are on a mission to do one of two things: reproduce and establish a new colony. They are looking for a new place to expand the colony that they are currently a part of. Once they have found the perfect environmental conditions, they will pair off, shed their wings, start reproducing and building a new nest.

When are Termite Swarmers Most Active?

You will most likely see swarming termites in the spring months. They will usually be most active during daylight hours as well which can be beneficial for homeowners that are looking for them. Much of the time, they will wait to be most active the day after a significant rain has taken place. This is because they will be looking for damp soil to start building their nests as the termites will live underground and travel to the food source through delicate mud tubes often constructed on your home’s foundation. Termites also are attracted to any damp wood that is making contact with the ground as it is easier to eat. If you have any wood lying around your property, it is best to get rid of it as it can attract termites.

Why are Termite Swarmers in My House?

For the most part, you will likely see swarming termites outside of the home. They will often be seen around windows and doors. However, they can be seen inside the home if there is already an infestation present. They may start off inside the home as they take off to find a new place to build a nest. If you see swarming termites in your home, you know that you are likely dealing with a big termite problem.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

If you have noticed swarming termites around your home this spring, you need to call on Ross Environmental Solutions before you have a huge termite issue on your hands. We can get rid of termites as soon as possible so that you can hopefully avoid significant damage to your home. Call us today!

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