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Do Termite Colonies Go Dormant During Winter? How to tell if Termites are Active in Your Cherry Hill, NJ House

Everyone knows there are several pests you have to be aware of during summer months, including termites. But what about winter? There are still several pests that continue to be a problem even when it is cold outside. Some pests are an even bigger problem as it gets cold because they are looking for refuge. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about termites and how they are affected by cold temperatures.

How Does Temperature Affect Termites

The important thing to remember about termites and the winter time is the fact that they are cold blooded creatures. This means that their body temperature is the same as their surroundings. If they are in water, soil or air that is cold, they are also cold. Termites need warmth to survive and so if they have infested your home, they will likely stay active during the winter.

Do Termites Hibernate or Go Dormant?

While sometimes it may seem like termites are hibernating because they slow down so much during the winter, they hardly ever do hibernate. Subterranean termites will dig deeper into the ground to keep themselves warm and won’t reemerge until temperatures have climbed high enough. Most of the time, they just slow down. If the winter extends longer and colder than normal, the colony of termites won’t likely survive it.

Are Termites Active in a Heated Home During Cold Weather?

When speaking of the winter, warmth is the only thing that termites need to continue to stay active. If you have a heated crawl space or a dirt basement of some sort, you can count on them continuing to feed throughout the coldest months of the year. They work around the clock which is why they can cause so much damage in such a short amount of time. They don’t need things like sleep to get energy to complete their work.

Swarming Termites in the Winter?

Generally speaking, termites don’t swarm in the winter, but rather the spring or the fall. The consistent heat that your home offers, makes it so they don’t usually swarm during the winter. However, when there are unusually warm spells, it could trigger their natural instinct to swarm and you may start to see a few here and there.

Signs for How to Tell You have Termites in Your Walls

Because termites work within the walls of your home, it can be hard to detect them. If you are dealing with subterranean termites, they live underground and build mud tubes on the exterior of your home as tunnels to travel from the nest to their food source. Drywood termites build their nests in your house and will make exit holes to push out their feces. This will look like bits of pepper on the window sills of your home. Sometimes you can hear termites inside your walls because the workers will bang their heads against the wood to communicate with each other.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

If you notice any of these signs that termites may be in your home, it is important to call on the professionals at Ross Environmental Solutions as soon as possible. Call us today!

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