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What are Stored Product Insects in Bridgeton, NJ? How to Get Rid of Dry Food Pantry Pests

Nothing is worse than the thought of pests making their way into the food that you buy. When you have pests in your stored food products, these pests are known as stored pantry pests and can seriously ruin your food. Most of the time, they are a problem in the manufacturing process, but they can be a problem as a result of your home as well. They are prevalent in grocery stores, restaurants, homes and other areas that have food storage of some kind. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about stored pantry pests and how to keep them out of your food moving forward.

Are Pantry Pests Harmful?

If there is any sign of pantry pests in your food, it means that the food is instantly contaminated and no longer useable. This creates huge problems for anyone in the food business, grocery business and even your home. If you have a problem with pantry pests, you will likely see signs that they are in there. If you notice that there are any signs of pest activity, you will likely have a pest presence and a problem on your hands. Businesses and homes can see a large loss in goods and profit when they find they have a pantry pest infestation. Here are some of the signs that you should be looking for.
– Presence of insects
– Eggs
– Webs
– Damaged food containers

Pantry Pests Identification

The list of stored pantry pests is a long one. They can be truly problematic for anyone that struggles to get them under control. Some of the most common pantry pests found in businesses and homes include:
– Indian meal moths
– Grain moths
– Drugstore beetles
– Sawtooth grain beetles
– Rice weevils
– Granary weevils
– Red flour beetles
Indian moths can be the biggest problem people face because of their diverse diet. They will infest grains, nuts, chocolate, dog food and more. Flour and grain beetles are a problem because they have six-teeth appendages that allow them to gain access into packages of all shapes and sizes. Weevils are usually a problem for grain products.

How Do You Stop Weevils, Beetles & Moths from Invading Your Pantry?

The best way that you can avoid problems with pantry pests is to rotate any stored food you have in your home. When food sits for a long period of time, there is a greater likelihood that there will be an infestation of some sort. Another thing that is essential in avoiding pantry pests is to ensure that all food containers are properly sealed. If there is any sign of damage to any packaging, it should be discarded as packaged that are partially opened on the back of a shelf will be at the biggest risk of infestation.

Stored Product Pest Control

If you are dealing with pantry pests, you need to call on the pest experts at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get it under control. Call us today!

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