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Scratching Noise in Chimney at Night in Mount Holly, NJ? Who to Call to Get a Bird, Squirrel etc Out!

There’s nothing like settling down in front of the fire to get warm and cozy. However, when there is a rodent or other pest that is hiding in your chimney, it can really start to cause problems for you. There are many pests that find your chimney the perfect place to build their nests in. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about some of the most common pests that invade chimneys as well as share some tips to help you avoid pests in your chimney.

Most Common Chimney Pest Invader Problems

Birds: There are several birds that would love to build a nest in your chimney. Some of these birds include starlings, owls, wood ducks and sparrows. When these nests are built in your chimney, they don’t allow the flue gas to properly vent and can create a carbon monoxide problem.
Bats: Bats usually decide to take over your chimney because of the protection your chimney offers them from predators as well as the cold weather. This is an ideal place for them to hide out during mating season as well.
Squirrels: Not only will a squirrel building its nest in your chimney cause venting problems, but they also try to gain access into your home this way. When a squirrel makes its way into your house, they can cause a significant amount of damage to the house including furniture damage, insulation damage and damage left behind because of their feces.
Raccoons: These pests are excellent climbers and a female raccoon often chooses a chimney as a place to give birth to her litter. There are many diseases that are carried by raccoons and it is important that you remove them as soon as you notice their presence.

How to Keep Pests out of Chimney

The best way to keep pests out of your chimney is with the right cover. You need to measure your chimney before you can choose the right cap for it. There are two types of caps that are generally used to cover chimneys and keep pests out: single flue and inside mount. The single flue cap is placed on top of the chimney and then bolted down to properly hold it in place. The inside mount is installed by fitting down inside the flue. Caulking is used to seal off any gaps that may be present once you get it into place. These caps are made out of metal mesh and still allow the smoke to get out while keeping pests from causing serious hazards by building nests in the chimney.

Bird, Rodent & Wildlife Removal

If you are fighting pests that are constantly making their way into your chimney, you can count on the pest specialists at Ross Environmental Solutions to get rid of them for you. We know the risks that come with pest invasions in your chimney and will work quickly to get the problem resolved for you. Call us today!

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