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What Does a Rodent Infestation Look, Sound & Smell Like in Absecon, NJ? Droppings & More

During the cold months of the year, the biggest pest threats to your home are rodents. They will likely be doing everything in their power to gain entrance into your warm home that offers food and water as well as a warm place to build their nests. And as the weather warms up, rats and mice begin to breed which can exacerbate the infestation even further. There are several reasons that homeowners shouldn’t want these pests in their homes. Rodents cause significant damage, pose a health risk as well as other safety risks with their chewing on electrical wires. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about some of the signs that are likely present if you have rodents in your home.

How Do You Tell if there is a Rodent in Your House Absecon, NJ House?

If you have rodents that have somehow gotten inside your home, there will likely be a little trail of signs and clues that let you know they’re there. Here is what you should be watching out for.
How Do You Identify Mice Droppings: When Mice have invaded your home, there will most assuredly be droppings left in their wake. If they are fresh, they are small dark brown droppings about the size of a grain of rice. You will probably find these near food sources, in drawers, under sinks and other inconspicuous places.
How Do You Tell if Rodents are Chewing on Wires etc?: Mice and rats are inherent chewers. They will chew on everything and anything they can find. If you notice gnaw marks on food packaging, wiring, your walls or other areas of your home, it is a big sign that you have a rodent infestation in your home. If you have large gnaw marks, you are likely dealing with rats while smaller marks will most likely be mice.
Can You Smell Rodents?: Heaven forbid one of these rodents dies in your house and you start to smell the strong stench that comes with it. However, if they are simply living in your home, you may not smell it, but if you have any pets, they sure will. If you have noticed that your pet is scratching at the walls somewhere or the floor, it could be because they smell rodents that they would like to get their paws on.
How Do You Know if You have a Mice or Rats Nests?: Mice and rats will make their nests out of a variety of different materials. Shredded paper, fabric, dead or dried leaves, you name it, they will use it. If you find areas that have clumps of materials like this, you have likely stumbled upon a nest and rodents surely live there.
What Do Rat & Mouse Tracks Look Like?: If you would like to make sure you have rodents active in your home, you can put down some cornstarch or flour in areas that you have found droppings to see if they leave any track behind the next day. They move around at night much more than during daylight hours.

Rodent Inspections & Control

If you have noticed signs of rodent activity in your home, it’s time to act quickly. At Ross Environmental Solutions, we can swiftly and effectively remove any rodent infestation from your home in no time. Call us today!

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