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Why Red & Gray Foxes are a Problem in Brigantine, NJ; What Can You Catch from a Fox & More?

More and more people are finding that the fox population in South New Jersey is getting out of hand. They can cause a variety of problems if they aren’t kept under control. Just like any other wildlife, when there are too many of them in an urban setting, it is important to make sure your property is not going to be attracting them. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about the issues that foxes bring into urban neighborhoods.

What Kind of Foxes Live on New Jersey Shore?

There are both red and gray foxes commonly found on the New Jersey Shore and South New Jersey. They like to roam throughout agricultural habitats and the only thing that sets them apart from one another is their coloring. Gray foxes are much more reserved than red foxes and don’t like to be seen. If you are seeing a fox on your property and find that it is causing problems, it is likely a red fox that is the issue. Just like other wildlife such as raccoons and opossums, foxes will get into your garbage, pet food and other food sources around your home. They eat a combination of plants and animals as they are omnivores.

Can You Catch Anything from Foxes?

One of the biggest reasons all residents in New Jersey should want the fox population to be controlled is because of the diseases and parasites they bring with them. They are a major carrier of rabies which is a deadly disease carried by mammals. It is usually transmitted when an infected animal bites another animal. It affects the nervous system and will result in death if not treated. They also carry what is called a fox tapeworm which can result in liver disease in humans. Other diseases that they carry include canine distemper, parvovirus, round worms, canine heartworms and parasitic mites.

How Do You Repel Foxes?

There are ways you can make your property less appealing to foxes and keep them from becoming a problem. It is always best to practice exclusion methods rather than trying to battle an ongoing fox problem.
– Fencing: The best way to keep foxes away from livestock and your property is with proper fencing. It is important that you keep up on your fencing as well since poorly maintained fencing is often how foxes get in.
– Food Sources: You should remove any rotten fruit beneath fruit trees, since this is something that will attract foxes. Also, they are attracted to any meat scraps and compost piles that aren’t taken care of.
– Pet Food: You should store your pet’s food properly to avoid it attracting foxes as well.

Threatened Species and Red Foxes?

The red foxes are preying on the piping plovers and their eggs, which are a threatened species in New Jersey. The Fish and Wildlife Agency is very concerned that the foxes will overrun the birds habitat.

Fox Wildlife Trapping & Control

If you have found that you have a fox problem on your property, you can call on the pros at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get any fox problem under control. We will remove them from your property, so you and your animals aren’t at risk of the diseases they carry. Call us today!

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