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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Aphids, Spiders, Mites, Bark Beetles & Other Christmas Tree Pests in Absecon, NJ

There is nothing that says Christmas more than the sight and smell of a freshly cut tree decorated with sparkling lights and holiday ornaments. Unfortunately, experts say there could also be as many as 25,000 bugs on one tree! Most of these pests are microscopic bugs but you may be wondering if you should be concerned about them. Ross Environmental Solutions delves into the most common types of bugs found on Christmas trees below.

Aphids on Christmas Tree

Aphids are harmless insects and generally found in the lower, main branches of the tree. As they feed on the tree, they leave behind a sticky residue which can grow a soot-like mold. They can cause trees to have discolored needles and needle loss. If you do see aphids, it’s important not to squish them on soft surfaces such as furniture or carpet as they can leave a purple or red stain.

Christmas Tree Spiders & Mites

Mites can also cause tree needle loss and leave small red stains on carpet as well as other surfaces they come in contact with such as ornaments. As you likely already know, spiders feed on other insects and can often be found on trees hunting for them. A sign of spiders is spider webs and egg sacs. If you are one of the many people frightened by spiders, you can inspect and dispose of any egg sacs you come across as well as brush away webs.

Bark Beetles Christmas Tree Insects

Bark beetles are dark, cylindrical, wood-boring insects that are about the size of a grain of rice. Signs of a bark beetle infestation include small holes in the branches or trunk as well as sawdust on your floor.

Christmas Tree Sawflies

Less common than other pests, the sawfly is typically found on spruce and pine trees. The first sign is often brown cocoons, which stimulated by the warmth of your home, later hatch into black and yellow flies.

Praying Mantis & Spotted Lanternfly in Christmas Trees

As adults, praying mantises are typically green and can grow to be quite large while spotted lanternflies are spotted moth like insects. However, on trees, these pests may begin as a light tan, walnut-sized egg mass that blend well into trees that can contain hundreds of eggs. In the warmth of your home, these eggs can hatch a few weeks after being inside! If you do spot an egg mass, scrape the mass to remove it.

How to Prevent & Get Rid of Christmas Tree Bugs

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid bringing pests in on your Christmas tree. Before bringing it inside, do a thorough inspection of the tree in good lighting, looking for signs of live insects, egg masses, fungus and webbing. Next shake the tree vigorously in order to shake off any pests that might be present. Finally, if pests are seen inside any time after you have bought in your tree, use a vacuum to easily and safely remove them. If you are seeing a large numbers of pests, don’t attempt to spray your tree with over the counter pesticides as these products may be flammable and can create a fire hazard. Rather, call your local pest professional; Ross Environmental Solutions!

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