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Nuisance Roosting Bird Control Products, Deterrent Devices & Strategies in Mount Laurel, NJ

There are a number of bird species that affect New Jersey home and business all year. Nuisance birds frequently cause roof damage and other structural damage. Roosting and nesting birds can leave behind acidic waste, parasites and diseases. To effectively control birds, the methods vary by species, since each species of bird can bring their own set of problems. Ross Environmental Solutions will cover the common invasive bird species that often require control and how you can protect your home or business from birds.

List of Nuisance Birds Found in South New Jersey & How to Get Rid of Them

Pigeons: Pigeons are regarded as a pest across the nation. They are very invasive and destructive. They also adapt very quickly and can feed on a variety of sources. Often they don’t care what goes in. As long as they can open their mouth wide enough they will eat it. One of the most effective methods of controlling pigeons is with bird spikes, which prevent them from land or roosting.
Starlings: Another problematic species are starlings. Starlings are very good fliers and are not as deterred by bird spikes. Starlings are also very intelligent. Similar to crows and ravens, they have adapted to urban communities. Since bird spikes are not always effective with starlings often it is recommended to use ultrasonic devices. Ultrasonic devices use distress or predatory calls to intimidate starlings. Most sonic devices use solar energy which means they do not require batteries or to be plugged into an outlet which help make installing these device through the property easy.
Sparrows: Sparrows may be a small species but since they often stay in large groups they often cause major damages and leave entire areas cover in feces. They often like landing in trees and don’t really land on roof tops, however they love to nest in small holes or spaces underneath roofing tiles or under eaves. To help keep sparrow in check again consider use ultrasonic devices that emit sounds of predatory birds.
Mute Swans: Mute swans are not a common problem especially for residential areas but they can pose a problem for commercial sites. They do occasionally wander towards structure especially near bodies of water where they tend to populate. Most people enjoy swans and don’t want to scare them away especially from parks. However, you also don’t want swans wandering toward streets or other structure deigned or visitors. For commercial settings it is recommended to control swan by using flash tape or scare balloons which reflect light which makes swans believe are predators.

Bird Control

Regardless of the species you may want to cover eaves and gaps, in roofs and other nesting structures with wiring to prevent birds from roosting or nesting. Also if you don’t want a major bird population, make sure you are not feeding or watering them. Birds will stay where they can find food and water. This means never leaving pet food or water where birds can access them, and avoiding bird feeders. Make sure that there is no pooling water from sprinklers and/or leaking plumbing. If you have a bird problem and need professional pest control services contact Ross Environmental Solutions. We provide quality pest control services including bird control.

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