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Myths & Truths About Spiders in Absecon, NJ; Harmless & Dangerous Spider Species & More

Here at Ross Environmental Solutions we get all sorts of interesting questions from our customers each and every day. Insects and rodents are topics that not many people are very informed about. Their questions are an attempt to understand exactly what is happening and what they can do to prevent whatever insect or rodent problem they are having. One pest that we get questions about on a regular basis is spiders. We have found that many people believe multiple myths about spiders. Today we are going to dispel some of the myths that you may believe about spiders.

Spiders are Not Classified as Insects

The very first myth about spiders is that spiders are insects. Spiders are not actually insects though. Spiders are arachnids. Spiders belong to the Class Arachnida and insects belong to the Class Insecta. The arachnid and insect classes are very different from each other so this is an important distinction to make.

Not All Arachnids are Spiders

Our second myth feeds directly off of the first myth. If people know that spiders are arachnids they frequently believe that all arachnids are spiders. There are actually eleven orders of arachnids. Other arachnids that many people are familiar with are scorpions, mites, and ticks.

There are Harmless & Dangerous Spider Species

Next up on the spider myth list is that all spiders are extremely dangerous. Most spider bites pose no threat to humans. When spiders bite their prey it is deadly but since they do not prey on humans we do not need to be worried about this. If you get bit by a spider it does not typically end up resulting in anything more than an annoying, itchy bump. There are a few species of spiders that may cause a little more harm. As long as you take care of any spider bite that is causing any alarming issues you will be fine.

Not All 8 Legged Animals are Spiders

Another commonly believed myth about spiders is that spiders are the long pests that have eight legs. This is also a false believe. All arachnids including scorpions and ticks have four pairs of legs. So next time you see an eight legged pest do not just assume that it is a spider.

Do People Swallow Spiders in Their Sleep?

One of the most random of spider myths is that you will swallow eight spiders a year in your sleep. This myth was actually put out into the world to show people that we will believe anything that we read on the internet. A journalist put this fact out just to see if her theory was accurate. In reality the likelihood of you swallowing even one spider in your sleep is slim.

Can Spiders Lay Eggs in your Scalp or Under Your Skin?

Have you ever had a friend tell you a story about someone that went traveling out of the country and came home with a strange spider bite on their body? Many times this story ends with the bite continuing to swell until eventually it ruptures and thousands of tiny spiders pour out of the bite. This is just pure fiction. Spiders will not lay eggs in a place where they feel like their eggs will not be safe. They will not lay eggs under your skin.

Spider Control

Hopefully today you learned some new information about spiders. If you have spiders in your home that you need help taking care of please call Ross Environmental Solutions. We can come out and help you take care of any pest issues you may be having.

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