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What are Mice & Rats Attracted to in Your Mount Laurel, NJ House? Leaving Food Out & More

It is no secret that mice and rats carry a long list of illnesses and diseases. This is most likely the biggest reason they have a reputation for being filthy creatures. No one wants to think that they are actually attracting these pests to their home, but sometimes that is the case. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about ways you could be attracting mice and rats into your home even when you don’t realize it’s happening.

Leaving Food Out Attracts Mice

Failing to store your food properly is a sure fire way to have a mice and rat problem in a quick hurry. Leaving out food for long periods of time doesn’t just attract mice and rats but a long list of other pests as well. If there is food that is left out, waiting to be consumed, there will likely be rodents that are more than willing to eat it for you. Store your food properly to avoid any rodent infestations. You should also always cover your trash cans with a tight fitting lid to keep rodents out. They don’t care that the food is rotten, they will eat pretty much anything.

Fruit Trees & Vegetable Gardens Attract Rodents

The fall season is a time for harvesting. If you aren’t harvesting your garden or the fruit trees that are in your yard, there is likely a bunch of overly ripe/rotten fruit and veggies lying around the ground. Keeping your yard free from this rotten food will go a long way in preventing a rodent problem.

Rodents Like Clutter

Clutters means more places for rats and mice to hide and make their nests. This includes both clutter inside and out. If your landscaping isn’t kept neat and clean, this gives rodents several places to set up shop and make their nests. Cluttered closets as well as garages are common places that mice and rats are attracted to. Organization will help you feel less stressed and kelp keep rodents out of your home. Keep your property clutter free inside and out.

Mice & Rats Can Infest the Same House

Some animals don’t want to occupy another animals abandoned nest. This isn’t the case with mice and rats. If there has been activity recently and the nests are left them unattended, another pack of mice or rats will come in and take over in no time at all. To effectively keep mice and rats away from your home, you need to be sure that any past rodent problems are solved completely and any trace of these pests are removed to ensure you don’t have a future problem on your hands.

Rodent Control

If you find that you home or property is overrun by mice or rats, the experts at Ross Environmental Solutions are here to help. With the proper training and resources, we are the best company for the job. There isn’t a rodent problem that we can’t handle. Call us today!

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