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Keeping Mice Out; How to Prevent a Mouse from Entering My Garage & Building a Nest in Mount Laurel, NJ

Have you noticed that mice happen to like living in garages? While it may be difficult for a mouse to get into your home, it is far easier for them to settle into the garage. Usually, there is some food, possibly water and shelter in the garage as well as protection from the weather and predators. If you are thinking that you would like to keep your garage mouse free, there are some steps you can take to make your garage less appealing. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share some tips that can help you avoid mice in your garage space.

Why Attracts Mice to Build Nest in Garage?

The first and foremost reason that mice are attracted to your garage is an obvious one; there is shelter there. The unpredictable weather that we often experience in New Jersey drives mice to take cover. Your garage gives them refuge from the wind, sleet, snow and sun that we experience throughout the year. Next, there are likely some food sources in your garage that you haven’t thought about recently. Whether you are keeping snacks in there, your dog’s food or even bird and grass seed, these could all be attracting a mouse population. Lastly, mice are looking for places they can build nests undetected. Your garage is likely the perfect place for that. Behind boxes and in cluttered corners are the perfect places for them to build a nest and thrive.

Signs of Mice in Your Garage

Every now and then you may spot a mouse scurrying behind a box when you walk into the garage, but the sign that is most likely to be seen is mouse poop. They will leave droppings behind wherever they are. They eat a lot which means they will be pooping a lot. Another sign of mouse activity is damage. You may notice that there are holes chewed into the bags of your pet’s food or other boxes and containers around the garage.

How Do I Prevent Mice from Entering my Garage?

Following are our best tips to keep mice out of your garage.

  • Keep seeds, pet food and other food sources in sealed containers.
  • Reduce the amount of clutter in your garage.
  • Keep trash cans sealed tightly.
  • Remove firewood and store it outside.
  • Seal any entry points into the garage. Remember that mice can fit through an opening that is as small as a dime when ensuring there are no entry points into your home or garage.

Rodent Control

If you are dealing with a mouse infestation in your home or garage, you need to know that you have a pest control company you can call to get rid of them. At Ross Environmental Solutions, we have the experience and the training to completely eliminate any mouse activity you may be struggling with. Call us today!

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