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How Do You Keep Mice Out of Your House in the Winter in Ocean City, NJ? Seal Mice Entry Points & More

The cold weather is officially upon us. It is time to make sure your home doesn’t become a sanctuary to the mice outside. They will surely be trying their best to get into your house this fall. There are several things you can do as a homeowner to help keep mice out of your home when the weather takes a turn. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share our best tips to help keep mice out of your home.

Where are Mice Entry Points?

The biggest thing that homeowners need to do to keep mice out of their home is focus on possible entry points that mice could try and get in from. There are many different areas on the outside of the house that you will want to pay attention to.
– Foundation: If there are any cracks or holes in your home’s foundation, will want to seal them using some sort of bond or even steel wool. This will keep mice from getting easy access into your house.
– Garage: The garage is another place that mice like to hang out during the winter. If your garage is attached, there is a good chance that a mouse will try to use this as a gateway into your home. Clean up your garage and get rid of any clutter than might attract mice this winter. Also, make sure there is no food in there to attract them. If there are any openings that could lead to them getting into your home, seal them up.
– Gutters: Believe it or not, mice have no problem scaling up the gutters and downspouts on your home. This often gives them access to your attic which can be a huge problem.
– Chimney: Any chimney that you have on your home is another way they can get in. Make sure you put screens on your chimney that will keep mice and other debris out of your chimney and home.

How Do You Know if Rodents are in Your Walls & Home?

There are going to be signs around your home if you have a rodent problem. Here is what you should be looking for.
– Rodent Droppings: This is the biggest sign that there are mice in your house. They will leave droppings around when they scurry through your home at night.
– Gnaw Marks: Mice are chewers by nature. They will chew on almost any surface of your home. If you notice that there are packages that have been chewed through, wiring that looks frayed, or any other gnaw marks, it could be from a mouse.
– Rodent Nests: Finding a mouse nest is a definite sign that they are in your home.
– Hearing Rats or Mice: You might be able to hear them scurrying behind the walls and in the ceiling at night.

Rodent Control

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