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How Do You Keep Firewood Pest Free in Washington Township, NJ? How to Keep Pests Out of Wood Pile

The season is quickly approaching that more and more people start to use their fireplaces or wood stoves to stay warm. This means that there will be plenty of wood piles filled with firewood to keep those fires stoked. If you aren’t taking the right precautions, you might find that your firewood becomes infested with a number of different pests. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share some tips to help you keep your stack of firewood safe from pest infestation.

Common Pests that Could Be Living in Your Wood Pile

There are a number of different pests that can become a problem when it comes to firewood. The biggest problem with pests in your firewood is that they can easily catch a ride into your home if you aren’t careful. Here are some of the most common firewood pests.
– Termites: If you have your firewood resting on the ground, termites will have easy access to it. There will more than likely be whistler on the ground which is another factor that will attract termites.
– Carpenter Ants: This is another insect that is attracted to damp wood. They create their nests inside wood which means that your stack of firewood is an ideal place for them.
– Wasps & Bees: There are several different species of wasps and bees that are happy to build their nests inside your firewood.
– Beetles: There are a few different beetles that are going to make your firewood home. When they lay eggs in your firewood, those eggs can stay dormant for up to two years.

How Do I Keep Bugs & Pests Out of My Firewood?

If you are worried about firewood pests, there are certainly steps that you can take to make an infestation far less likely. This is what needs to be done to keep firewood pests away.
– Keep your firewood stacked outside. You may be3 tempted to bring several pieces into your home, but there could be pests on the wood and that gives them an easy opportunity to get into the house to thrive.
– Store your firewood at least 20 feet away from the entrance into your home. Don’t stack it up against your home either. Find a spot that is far enough away from your home that pests won’t become a problem for your house.
– Keep your firewood off the ground. This can help you avoid problems with termites.
– Make sure your firewood stays as dry as possible. This will eliminate a number of pets to as well.

Year Round Pest Management

If you have a pest problem that you’re dealing with, you can turn to Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get the problem under control. We have the experience and expertise needed to get rid of even the worst infestations. When you have pests that are infiltrating your firewood, they often make it into your home and cause even bigger problems. Call us today!

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