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How Do I Keep Bugs & Pests Out of My House in the Fall in Burlington, NJ? Preventive Pest Control & More

There are many people that can’t wait for this time of the year when the temperature starts to drop, and autumn is starting to show its colors. While we are all enjoying a reprieve from the high temperatures that summer brings, you need to remember this is the time that pests will be trying to get into your home before winter hits. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about some of the things you need to be doing to make sure your home is ready to keep fall pests out.

Ways to Prevent Pests this Fall

As the weather takes a turn, you aren’t the only one to notice. Pests will also notice that the weather is getting chillier and will be looking for somewhere to go for shelter. There are several things you can do to ensure that pests can’t get into your home as the temperatures start to get lower and lower. Following are our best tips to keep pests out this fall.
– Check Screens on Roof: There are pests like squirrels that will be looking for any way into your home for the winter. Often, they will crawl through the vents to the attic or down your chimney. Make sure you have screens that will keep them from being successful.
– Door Sweeps: If the weather stripping on the bottom of your doors in your home aren’t what they used to be, you can install door sweeps that will help keep pests out as they try to gain access into your home.
– Seal Cracks: If there are any cracks on the outside of your home, this is the time to get them fixed. You should pay particularly close attention to the areas where plumbing go into the home to check for cracks or gaps that need to be filled in there. It doesn’t take a very big opening for mice or rats to gain access into your home.
– Trash Storage: Make sure you are storing your trash properly to avoid attracting pests like rodents and even larger wildlife like raccoons. You need to have your trash stored in a bin that has a tight fitting lid. Consider storing your bins inside your garage too where these animals won’t have access to it.
– Firewood: You should always store firewood at least 20 ft away from your home. This can become home to many pests including termites, carpenter ants, spiders, mice and more. You don’t want it anywhere near the entrance to your home.

Year Round Pest Management

If you have noticed that there are pests getting into your home somehow, you can turn to Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get control of the situation. We have the skills to locate any infestation and get rid of it so you can enjoy a pest free winter. Call us today!

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