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Identification of Ants in Deptford, NJ; How Do I Know if it’s a Carpenter, Crazy, Fire or Other Ant?

The summer months are often filled with all sorts of different insects that seem to be on a mission to destroy your next BBQ. One type of pest that many homeowners struggle with is ants. There are many different types of ants that you may find in and around your home. The first step in getting rid of an ant problem is to identify the type of ants that you’re dealing with. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about several different types of ants and what you can do to identify them.

Different Types of Ants

Following is a little bit of information to help you differentiate different types of ants from one another.
– Crazy Ants: As this name implies, you can tell you are dealing with crazy ants because of the erratic way that they move. Many ants will move and march in a line, but not these ants. They also don’t have a dark colored abdomen. If these ants feel threatened they will become violent and aggressive.
– Pharoah Ants: Many people know these ants as sugar ants. They are extremely tiny and are attracted to sweet foods. The good thing about this type of ant is that it is not an aggressive species. They won’t bite you. They are usually extremely small and reddish in color. They live in small cracks and usually inside. They like warm and moist environments.
– Little Black Ants: You will usually see these ants outside in your garden area. They will be marching strictly in a row and will usually be found underneath rocks. They can bite, but you don’t need to worry about the bite being too dangerous. They are going to be attracted to your food when eating outdoors.
– Odorous House Ants: Most people recognize these ants after they have crushed them. They will give off a distinct smell when they are smashed. The smell is usually compared to a musty odor. These ants are small and black or dark brown. You need to know that these ants have a stinger and can become violent if they are threatened in any way.
– Acrobat Ants: This is another species of ant that gives off a bad odor. They come in several shades of red, brown and black. When someone disturbs their nest, they will stand up and lift their heart shaped head while emitting a strong, bad odor.
– Fire Ants: These ants certainly bite, and their bites sting. After getting bitten, there will be a horrible blister that forms.
– Carpenter Ants: If you have these ants in your home, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. They will hollow out wood to build their nests which can cause significant damage to your home. They are the largest ants and come in a variety of reds, browns and black.

Ant Control

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