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How to Tell if Your Deck has Termites & How to Prevent a Termite Infestation in Mantua Township, NJ

Having a deck on your property doesn’t just increase your property value, it can create endless hours of outdoor enjoyment. Proper deck maintenance is key in extending its life and enjoying it for years to come. When it comes to your deck though, you also have to worry about one other thing; pests. Not only pests, but termites when you have a deck that is made of solid wood. Most homeowners want to do everything in their power to keep pests off their deck and away from their house. Today, Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about tips to keep your outdoor deck termite free.

Build Deck from Hard, Termite Resistant Wood Flooring

For homeowners that are considering a deck on their property, you may not realize that the type of wood you choose makes a difference in whether or not you experience a termite infestation later. Termites are attracted to wood that is soft and easier to nibble on. It is important that when you choose the wood for your deck that you choose extremely hard wood. Pressure treated wood is also a wise option when it comes to the right type of wood for your deck. Termites will be less likely to choose your deck when you have taken the time to choose the right termite resistant wood.

Prevent Termites on Deck By Getting Rid of Standing Water

Just like mentioned above, termites love wood that is soft. When your wood has been damaged by water, it is more likely to have a termite problem down the road. They will also be drawn to the moisture as this is one of the things they need for survival. You need to ensure your deck is able to drain properly so that you can avoid standing water anywhere near your deck. This is also a key way to ensure you don’t experience damage regardless of termites.

Keep Termites Away By Maintaining Deck & Landscaping

Just like any other area of your home, proper deck maintenance will go a long way in ensuring it isn’t getting damaged. This will also ensure there are no bugs that are taking over the deck; including termites. If you see any cracks or other damage, it is important you make the necessary repairs so that insects are less likely to choose your deck as a home.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

One of the best ways to make sure that termites don’t choose your deck as their next snack is with pesticides. There are two different types of termite pesticide that will keep them off your deck. One of them will work to prevent termites from wanting anything to do with your deck; and the other will work to kill any termites that may have already started to call your deck home. Pesticides that work to keep termites off your deck should only be applied by professionals that have the experience and training needed to ensure it is applied safely and correctly. You can count on our pest professionals at Ross Environmental Solutions to keep termites away from your deck. Call us today!

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