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How to Stack & Store Firewood to Avoid Termites, Bugs, Rodents, Spiders & Pests in Deptford, NJ

Many people enjoy a fire in their fireplace to keep themselves warm throughout the winter. There isn’t nothing that comes close to the cozy warmth that comes from a fire. The only problem is that pests can often invade your firewood and cause problems for your home if you aren’t careful. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share some tips to help you avoid a pest invasion in your firewood this winter.

Common Pests in Firewood; Wood Eating Insects, Spiders, Rodents & More

There are a number of pests that will seek out shelter in places like a pile of firewood. Following are some of the most common offenders you need to be aware of.
Carpenter Ants/Termites: These wood destroying insects will hit the jackpot when they find your pile of firewood. Both of these insects will cause damage to the wood and could cause serious damage to your home if they move on to your house for their next source of food.
Cockroaches: Cockroaches are nocturnal and will be trying their best to find somewhere to hide during the day. Your pile of wood is an ideal resting place for them while the sun is out. There are also some cockroach species that will actually eat on the wood as well.
Spiders: Many spiders find firewood to be a fantastic place to hide out. This offers both protection and a place to make an intricate web. Web spiders including black widows build their messy webs on stacks of wood.
Rodents: Your firewood is the perfect place for a rodent to make their nest. They are sheltered from severe weather there and can usually find insects to feed on. When their nest is too big, they will likely look for other places to expand including your home or garage.

Firewood Pest Prevention

Following are a list of ways that you can avoid a pest infestation in your home as pests build their homes within your stack of firewood.
Store Firewood Far from Your Home: You should never keep more firewood near your home than the amount you will be able to use in the next couple of days. Your large stack of firewood should be at least 20 feet away from the nearest entrance into your home.
Stack Firewood off the Ground: When firewood is stacked on the ground, the bottom pieces will likely get wet and become the ideal place for wood destroying insects like carpenter ants and termites to build their nests.
Cut Firewood at the Right Time: If your firewood is sitting throughout the entire summer, pests may start to accumulate there and leave you with a mess by winter. The best time to cut firewood is in the late fall.
Only Use Local Firewood: You don’t want to infest your area with a new pest species. It is best to only use local firewood for your fireplace this winter.

Pest Management

If you are struggling with firewood pests, you can count on the experts at Ross Environmental Solutions to solve your pests problems. Call us today!

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