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How to Prevent Rodents & Get Rid of Brown, Burrowing Norway Rats in Mount Holly, NJ

The most common rat species in New Jersey are Norway rats. If this rodent manages to infest your home or business, they can be a detriment. Norway rats are known to cause costly damage to the structure, utility lines, personal property, as well as contaminate your food supply. Rodents are a high risk for spreading diseases including those spread from the fleas they can be easily be hosting. In any case, rats are never a pest that is welcomed and if you suspect rats, you should call a professional for assistance as soon as possible. Bearing this in mind, we at Ross Environmental Solutions would like to elaborate on the basics concerning Norway Rats.

Norway Rat Identification

Norway rats will invade your home without hesitation if given the opportunity. These rats are common around the world, and though the origins are unknown, they are suspected to come from Asia. In comparison to other species, their eyes are smaller, and Norway rats have tails that are shorter. Generally, Norway rats are primarily variations of brown with scattered black hairs. They also have lighter shades of gray and white on their undersides.

What Attracts Norway Rats?

Though they are generally nocturnal, Norway rats can be seen any time of the day, especially if they are in desperate need of food, water, or better living conditions. These rats are capable of moving inside at any time, however, their infestations are particularly higher during the fall, when the food becomes scarcer. If you see one rat, there are likely more as Norway rats are social rodents and burrow homes next to each other and go about their daily routines together. These opportunists are very destructive and are known to gnaw through a plastic or even a lead pipe to get to the water.

Where Do Norway Rats Live & Burrow?

Norway rats inhabit fields and farmlands, and any type of structure that can offer shelter, but are very adaptable. They prefer the loose soil that is under garbage and wood piles along with under slabs and riverbanks. When they waltz into your home, they are drawn to basements and undisturbed locations, especially under the clutter.

Diseases Caused & Spread By Norway Rats

These rats are known vectors of cowpox virus, trichinosis, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, plague, and jaundice. Norway rats are also likely to carry fleas that can transmit illnesses such as murine typhus. In addition to all the diseases that Norway rats spread, they are also known to transfer harmful bacteria from the dirty places they frequent to your food prep and food storage areas. This can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, stomach aches, and vomiting to name a few.

Rodent Control

If you suspect Norway rats are lurking in your home, Ross Environmental Solutions is readily available to eliminate the infestation. Contact us for all your pest control needs.

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