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How to Keep Squirrels off the Roof & out of Attic in Ocean City, NJ; Seal Holes & Other Squirrel Entry Points & More

While squirrels may be adorable with their big bushy tails and the cute way they hold the nuts and berries they eat, when they get into your home, they can cause significant damage. Most homeowners find squirrels more of a nuisance than a cute little animal they enjoy watching in nature. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about ways you can make sure squirrels don’t have any access into your attic as the weather turns colder.

Trim Trees Away from House to Keep Squirrels Away

If you are lucky enough to have trees near your home, you need to make sure they aren’t what is giving squirrels access to your home. Trees need to be far enough away from your home that squirrels can get to your home once they have climbed them. In fact, you may want to make sure that squirrels won’t be able to climb in your trees at all. People use things like sheet metal and wrapped wires around the trunk to make it nearly impossible for a squirrel to climb up the tree trunk. If you have trees that are hanging over your roofline, you need to have them trimmed back. Trees should be 6 to 8 feet away from your roof to keep squirrels from getting to your roof once they have climbed up the tree.

Seal Holes & Other Squirrel Entry Points

The second thing you should do to keep squirrels away from your home is to give it a solid inspection. You will be looking for any way that a squirrel could get into your attic.
– Inspect Outside: Take a good look at your home from the outside. Do you see any holes that could allow a squirrel to get in? Squirrels can fit through an opening the size of an adult fist. So, it’s important to remember that even the smallest holes should be repaired.
– Inside the Attic: You can check for entry points inside the attic as well. When you climb up there, you shouldn’t be able to see any light shining through. If you do, there’s a hole, and you can follow the light to find it.
– Check Chimneys: Look for any gaps around your chimney flashing that would allow a squirrel to get in. If you don’t have a cap on your chimney, you will need one to keep squirrels from nesting in there.
– Seal Entrances: If you find that there are holes or entrances that are allowing squirrels access to your home, it’s time to repair them. Using hardware cloth or attic vents, you can seal these holes that are giving squirrels free reign in your attic.

Wildlife Removal & Exclusion

If you find that you already have squirrels in your attic, it’s time to call on professionals to help get rid of them. We know how to successfully remove squirrels from your attic before they chew their way through important wiring and cause other damage to your home. Call us today!

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