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How to Inspect, Detect & Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Burlington, NJ, & Prevent a Future Bed Bug Infestation!

Bed bug infestations are on the rise. With world traveling made simple, it is getting difficult to control these little blood sucking pests. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to remove the bed bugs on their own which most often results in the infestation getting worse! With bed bugs continuing to rein terror on the citizens of the US, even New Jersey locals are experiencing the epidemic. With that in mind, we at Ross Environmental Solutions would like to discuss bed bugs and give you a little more understanding about these insects.

Were Bed Bugs Always an Epidemic?

For starters, bed bugs are not a stranger to the American borders. Before WWII, bed bugs were running rampant, and it took quite a bit of effort to get them under control. Finally with the use of potent insecticides, just after WWII they were not a real concern and were nearly exterminated to extinction in the United States. In recent decades, however, bed bugs have made a return. They are now resistant to older methods, and quickly infesting homes and businesses alike.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are small, oval, flat and brown … unless the bed bugs have just fed in which case they will appear red and engorged. Bed bugs are nocturnal, feeding off warm blooded animals, being exceptionally more partial to human blood. They so fittingly get their name because they creep into your bed and covertly steel your blood to sustain their life.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

When their numbers are small, they will generally stick to the bed during the day and hide. Slipping into cracks, gaps, holes, seams, and other places they feel secure along the bed frame, headboard, mattress, box spring, and bedding. As their number increase, they will spread into tiny hiding spots throughout the room, spill into other rooms and eventually infest other dwellings. Bed bugs can easily hide in furniture, under flaps of wallpaper, behind outlet covers, light switch plates and picture frames as well as nestle into electronic devices. Bed bugs can hide virtually anywhere.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread Between Houses & Apartments?

Introducing a bed bug into your home or business is far simpler for the little vampires than you might suppose. They can hitch a ride in luggage, in the folds of your clothing, purse or brief case; anywhere they might have tried to hunker down and then inadvertently transported. After they get a ride they can then crawl into a new place where they try to hide until their next meal under the cover of darkness. Bed bugs are commonly found on planes, trains, taxis, and other public transportation, along with lodging accommodations, offices, medical facilities, schools, churches, and other businesses that cater to the public. You can bring bed bugs into your home unknowingly after traveling, visiting a friend or public business. You can even bring them home in second hand clothing or furniture.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

With bed bugs running rampant it’s important to inspect the unfamiliar places you might come into contact with. Be sure to keep luggage or other carry-on satchels securely closed. Check any second hand items thoroughly before bringing it into your home.

Bed Bug Inspection & Removal

If you suspect bed bugs are infesting your home or business, Ross Environmental Solutions can perform a visual inspection service and if any are present conduct an effective custom exterminating service as well. Call us today to get started!

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