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How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies in Your Mantua Township, NJ Home this Fall & Stop Them from Returning

Flies are a common annoyance during the heat of the summer and into fall. They have a way of ruining your favorite meals, irritate you as they land all over you when sitting still and multiplying like crazy. There are certain steps that can be taken to lessen the fly population on your property and in your home. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share tips to help you keep cluster flies from flocking into your home as these are one of the most common, irritating fly species we have to deal with.

Cluster Fly Identification & Behavior

Cluster flies look a lot like the common house fly. They are grey/black in color and about 1/3 inch long. Unlike the house fly, they don’t have stripes on their thorax and don’t have the metallic hue found on many other fly species. If cluster flies have chosen your home to overwinter, they have a tendency to smell like buckwheat honey when they are disturbed. They are usually attracted to west and south facing windows that receive more sunlight during the late summer and fall. Cluster flies tend to choose attics and false ceilings to hibernate in on the west and south sides of buildings because these areas are overall warmer. You will usually find them near sunlight coming in through windows. You don’t have to worry about these flies biting since they don’t have any mouthparts like horse flies. They are more of a nuisance than anything else.

Damage Caused by Cluster Flies in Your House

These flies are known to be obnoxious more than anything else. They leave behind small black dots of excrement, but don’t actually damage your property. There has never been any disease found in these droppings, so you don’t have to worry about that. The only problem they can really cause is after they die. When they die within your walls, they can attract larder beetles.

How to Prevent & Stop Cluster Flies from Returning

When it comes to preventing cluster flies in your home, there are some things you need to do.
– Eliminate any openings that they can gain access to your home through. If you notice any cracks around your windows and doors, be sure to fill them in. Same goes for any holes or other access points.
– Repair any damaged screens that are found on your doors and windows. As the weather starts to cool off a bit, it is tempting to open some windows and you want to be sure they can’t get in through tears in the screens.
– Install insect screening on any vents leading to the attic or vents in the soffit.
– You can try to spray DIY insecticide in your home, but that will have to be applied often as it isn’t usually strong enough.

Fly Control

If you have a problem with cluster flies in your home each year, you can call on the pest experts at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you keep the problem under control. Call us before the cold weather kicks in to prevent cluster flies and other pests from overwintering in your home!

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