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How Insects & Pests Impact Business in Woodbury, NJ; Contaminate Food in Break Room & More

If you want to run a business that entices people to shop, and a place your employees like to be, then you need to take great care of the building itself. You want it to feel and look its very best and that includes treating for pests. Pest control should never be overlooked at a commercial building since there is so much traffic and areas for pests to hide. Ross Environmental Solutions outlines the most common areas that pests hide in your commercial business.

Ants, Cockroaches, Fruit Flies & Other Pests Contaminate Food in Kitchen & Break Room

When you run a business, you have employees that work long hours. You are working enough hours that you are going to take a break and have a meal. This is difficult to do if there is not a kitchen or break room to use. Most businesses have this area set aside for staff to prepare, cook and eat food. Any area that is used for food is going to end up with crumbs and food that is left uncovered. This is a huge draw for pests and will entice them into the space. Pests contaminate food and food preparation areas, and can spread harmful bacteria and diseases. The break room and kitchen is a place that you are sure to find pests of all kinds hiding and living.

Fungus Gnats & Other Bathroom Bugs

Pests are always looking for food but they are also on the hunt for water as well. That means that pests will go to places they can easily come across water or moisture. A public restroom or bathroom is the perfect spot to go. Especially when the office is closed and the room is left quiet, pests are sure to be found living and congregating in bathrooms!

Pantry Pests in Employee Snack Drawers

If you want to keep pests out of your office you should take time to talk to all the employees about their snack drawer. All though there is a kitchen available, many people choose to keep some snacks in a drawer at their desk for moments throughout the day. If they are not diligent in covering and sealing the snacks they can be a beacon for many pests. It is best to keep all open snack foods in the kitchen and sealed up tightly.

Spiders in Corners of Office

If you want to see what kind of pest problem you have in your office or commercial building take a walk around the edges of the inside of the building. Pests such as spiders are likely to stay near the edge of a wall to stay away from the main walking area. This means you can find them congregating near cracks and corners.

Commercial Pest Management

No one wants to see pests in the office they are working at or a place they are shopping or doing business. That means that pest control should be taken seriously and the office should have a pest control company that treats the building on a regular basis. Call Ross Environmental Solutions for all your pest control needs.

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