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How Do House Mice Communicate in Mount Holly, NJ? Mouse Odors & Pheromones

Having your home infested with mice is awful. They can do significant damage to your home if you don’t find out that they are there until it’s too late. What many people don’t know about mice is that they are quite social creatures. They might be scared of a human walking around, but with their own kind, they like to live near and around one another. Mice use a different method to communicate with one another that is different than you would think. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about this process and why it isn’t exactly good news for homeowners.

How Do Mice Communicate?

When you first think about animals, communication isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. That’s because, other than humans, there is no other species that uses words to talk one with another. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t find ways to communicate with each other. Mice, along with many other different species, will use chemical markers to relay important information to other mice. The markers are called pheromones. These pheromones are usually found in their urine and can tip off other mice to areas where they have found food or notify them of a threat as well.

Why Do Mice Multiply So Fast?

If you know much about mice, you know that they can reproduce with the best of them. They have babies rapidly which can lead to an increase in population pretty quickly. However, that isn’t the only way that an infestation begins. When a mouse finds that there is an opening into your home, they will leave behind pheromones that lets other mice know of the opening so that they can join. Even if the opening is only ¼ inch wide, a mouse can easily squeeze its little body through there and into your home. If they find one, they will be letting all of the other mice in the area know that its there with the help of pheromones.

You Can Get Diseases from Mice

Not only should you be concerned about mice causing significant damage to your home, but you should also be concerned about the diseases that they carry with them. Some of the most common diseases that are carried by mice are hantavirus, salmonellosis, and listeria. There are many others, but these are the ones that are most commonly seen. The last thing that you want to be dealing with in your home is disease because mice have found their way into your house.

Rodent Control

If you have noticed signs of chewing, damage, droppings or other signs that mice might be in your home, you can turn to Ross Environmental Solutions to get rid of them. We will be able to find their nests and eliminate the threat of damage and disease from your home before they become a real problem. Call us today!

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