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How Do You Get Rid of a Carpenter Ant Infestation in Bridgeton, NJ? Inspection & Extermination

Carpenter ants are the most destructive ant species found in America. These ants cause nearly as much damage as termites do to a home. Carpenter ants cut galleries through wood to create passage ways. Carpenter Ants don’t feed on the wood like termites, but will invade a home in search for food. This rather large, most commonly black-colored ant can become a major problem if they are foraging in or around your home. Ross Environmental Solutions will share how you can protect your home from these destructive ants found throughout Northern New Jersey.

Step 1. Pest Inspection

You will want to regularly inspect around your home both inside and outside for foraging carpenter ants. They will often come into your home to obtain the goodies within. If they find a food source they will begin cutting destructive galleries through the wood structure of your home. As mentioned above, carpenter ants are either all black or their heads are black with a reddish body. Carpenter ants are also large. They can reach up to half an inch in length making them rather easy to locate.

Step 2. Carpenter Ant Control

If carpenter ants are present anywhere near your home, you will want to determine how you will want to control them from entering inside. Some of the basic solutions professional exterminators offer are:
A. Baits can be placed on the foraging trails of carpenter ants. It’s important to place the bait in the middle of the foraging trail to make sure they are lured to the bait.
B. Insecticides are also recommended to be sprayed on the outside as well as the inside of your home to kill any intruding ants.
C. Treatment such as foams and dust are another affective way of control if carpenter ants have already invaded your home. These foams and dust, which are called Void Treatments, are injected in the holes and galleries carved by the carpenter ants. This is an effective way to kill those already chewing through your home. Ross Environmental Solutions cannot stress enough for the safety of your loved ones that you should hire a professional pest control to apply these treatments and not attempt to do it yourself!

Step 3. Carpenter Ant Prevention

Your next best step to controlling a carpenter ant problem is eliminating both ant food and water sources. It helps to reduce any pest problem by maintaining a leak free plumbing system. Constant dripping or leaking water lines help provide an essential source of water for carpenter ants. Next, seal your food. Even pet food needs to be sealed. You will want to use air tight sealable containers to help reduce the scent of your food, especially those left in the pantry and where the ants could pick up the scent. Additionally, air tight containers will prevent the ants from accessing your food.

Step 4. Professional Pest Control

One of the best control measures is calling out a professional pest control company that is familiar with carpenter ants. The professional exterminator can use their training and experience to successfully stop a major carpenter ant infestation in your home. Carpenter ants are extremely destructive. Therefore, it is important to act fast when a carpenter ant colony is first discovered near or in your home.

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If you need help stopping a carpenter ant invasion, contact Ross Environmental Solutions. We can help you prevent further or future damage to your home. Call us today!

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