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How to Get Rid of Aggressive Red & Gray Foxes in Your Brigantine, NJ Yard that Spread Disease

Humans have had encounters with foxes for years. Many times, foxes are portrayed as sly because they are fast learners and good at eluding hunters. They are notorious for causing damage to property and for attacking livestock. In recent years, they have gotten more comfortable around humans as they scavenge for food in urban areas and crowded cities. We need to remember that foxes are wild animals and need to approached with caution. Ross Environmental Solutions offers some helpful tips to control foxes in your yard.

Is a Red Fox Bigger than a Gray Fox?

Red and grey foxes are found throughout New Jersey. They are smaller than a medium-sized dog, growing up to 3 feet in length and weighing up to 15 pounds. Red foxes are slightly larger than gray foxes. Both of these fox species have pointed ears and narrow elongated snouts with relatively short legs. The fur of the red fox is a red-orange color. They have a bushy tail with a white tip and black legs. The grey fox has black and grey fur with a tan under fur with a bushy tail that has a black tip.

Are Grey Foxes More Aggressive than Red Foxes?

Both red and gray foxes have a keen sense of smell, sight and hearing that makes them agile and intelligent predators. They’re nocturnal but isn’t not out of the ordinary to see them at dusk and dawn. They prefer to hunt live prey like rodents and other small animals, killing prey very quickly with their pouncing technique. Foxes can be considered an ally by controlling rodent, mole and gopher populations but this benefit will most likely outweigh the damage they can cause. They will also eat insects, birds, fruits and eggs. Gray foxes are often more aggressive than red foxes and a high population of gray foxes will prevent too many red foxes in that area.

Are Foxes Bad to Have Around? Can They Spread Disease to Humans & Dogs?

Foxes can be carriers of ticks, fleas and parasites. They can also carry rabies, distemper and mange that can be passed onto humans and pets. Red foxes are likely to be found in urban areas. New housing developments can force foxes closer to us as their natural habitats are destroyed. Foxes will use areas on our property to breed and live temporarily. They have learned to adapt to live amongst us. They will leave tracks behind when they come out at night and will most likely come onto your property when they find a source of food. The will rummage through trash cans searching for food. When they go through trash cans and compost piles they can cause damage to property. If you happen to see a fox acting aggressively and erratically, extreme caution needs to be taken as they might be rabid. Avoid coming into contact with fox feces as it can put you at risk of contracting diseases.

Fox Control

Foxes are difficult to control with their cunning nature. Exclusion can be effective by putting fences up and removing potential food sources. Trapping and removal are effective. Foxes are cute but will bite if they feel threatened, so do not approach them. Professionals like Ross Environmental Solutions have the experience and knowledge to safely take care of removing foxes with trained technicians ensuring eradication is humane. Do what you can to prevent making your property appealing and avoid feeding foxes. If you should have issues with them, contact Ross Environmental Solutions today!

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