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Fall Home Sealing for Pest Control in Mantua Township, NJ; How to Bug, Mouse & Pest Proof Your House

It is always exciting when you can start to feel the winds change and a crispness in the air that signifies the beginning of fall. After a hot summer, some reprieve from the high temperatures is welcomed with open arms. However, when the air starts to cool down, it also alerts pests to find somewhere to hide out during the winter. That means they are going to be trying harder than ever to get into your home. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share some tips to help you pest proof your home this fall.

Pests that Try to Get in Your House During Fall

There are a few pests that are especially eager to get into your home during the fall months: spiders, mice, rats and cockroaches. These pests are a problem as they can cause damage to your property, carry with them several diseases and will even bite you if they feel their life is in danger. Mice and other small rodents leave behind droppings that carry all sorts of diseases. Mice and rodents will also chew away at your drywall and wiring in your home; causing sometimes significant damage that can be expensive to repair. Cockroaches are carriers of diseases like salmonella.

Tips to Pest-Proof Your House this Fall

Following are our best tips to help ensure you don’t have a pest infestation as the weather starts to cool off this fall.

  • Don’t bring pests into your home unknowingly. Sometimes they will hitch a ride on grocery bags, and other belongings that you purchase and bring home. Make sure you inspect everything before you bring pests into your home on accident.
  • Check all the screens on your doors and windows. If there are any tears, make sure you repair them before winter weather hits.
  • You should also check the seals around your doors and possibly install door sweeps to help keep them from using the front door to get into your home.
  • Never store your firewood any closer than 25 feet to your home. Many pests build homes inside your firewood stacks.
  • Trim your shrubbery and other plants so that they are at least 1ft away from the foundation of your home.
  • Ensure that your trash cans all have a tight-fitting lid on them so that pests don’t stay find shelter in your trash bins.
  • Check all of the pipes and faucets on your home to make sure there aren’t any leaks that could be attracting unwanted pests.
  • If you have a chimney, make sure there is a screen or vent in there that isn’t ripped and can keep pests from gaining access to your home through that entrance.

Pest Control Services

If you need to have your home pest-proofed this fall and don’t know where to start, you can count on the pest control technicians at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get your home ready for the fall. Call us today!

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