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Facts & Myths about Mosquitoes; Do All Mosquito Species Bite Humans at Dusk or Dawn & More

Most people know that the quickest way to ruin any outdoor get together is to invite mosquitoes to the party. They are a pest that can make spending time outdoors during the summer months almost unbearable. However, one of the best ways to avoid getting eaten alive by mosquitoes is to know what information to trust and what information to throw out the window when it comes to mosquitoes and mosquito prevention. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about some of the myths that are around about mosquitoes and uncover the truth.

Do All Mosquito Species Bite Humans?

While of the 3,500 different types of mosquitoes out there would love to feast on your blood, not all of them would. There are some mosquitoes that don’t prefer to bite humans at all. There are many of them that feed on nectar, animals and reptiles for their food sources. It is also worth noting that only female mosquitoes actually bite humans.

Why Does My Citronella Candle Say Not Intended to Repel Mosquitoes?

There are many people out there that think as long as they have a citronella candle out on their picnic table burning, the mosquitoes will stay far away. In reality, citronella candles don’t offer you much protection against mosquitoes at all. Citronella candles are only intended to mask human scents that may attract mosquitoes, and even then may only work in ideal conditions. They are not made to repel mosquitoes.

What Does a Bigger Mosquito Bite Mean?

Some people might think that the bigger the welt from a mosquito bite on their body, the more blood that the mosquito feasted on. This is far from the truth. In all actuality, when you have a large welt from a mosquito bite, it is because your body reacted to the bite worse than someone else. It has to do with your immune system.

Are Mosquitoes a Problem in Dry Weather Too?

It is true that mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs, but even in the driest conditions they can get that done. All it takes is the smallest amount of water for them to have a place to lay their eggs. Your sprinkling system is more than likely giving them that water that they need. Even if you haven’t had much rain this year, you will still have mosquitoes on your property.

Do Mosquitoes Only Bite at Dusk & Dawn?

While dusk and dawn are the times of the day that you will see mosquitoes most prevalently, they can bite you during any time of the day. They will be looking for cooler places in the shade to hide out, but you can get a mosquito bite at any time.

Mosquito Control

If you’re struggling with a mosquito problem, you can turn to Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get the problem under control. We have the necessary tools and training to make sure you aren’t struggling with mosquitoes this summer. Call us today!

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