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What Damage Can a Raccoon Cause & How Do You Get Rid of Destructive Raccoons in Mount Holly, NJ

There may not be a cuter wildlife animal out there than a raccoon. Their little masked face is almost irresistible. However, when they become a problem on your property, they go from adorable to obnoxious in no time flat. While they are darling, the damage they cause for you and your property can certainly be sobering. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about what a raccoon problem looks like and what damage you could have as a result of these pesky critters.

What Problems Do Raccoons & Other Large Wildlife Pests Cause?

These large wildlife pests can cause serious problems for your property. Following is a closer look at the problems they can end up causing.
– Electrical Damage: If they make their way into your house, you could wind up with some serious electrical damage as a result. They often start to chew their way through your electrical system.
– Insulation Damage: The insulation found in your attic can become compromised when you have a raccoon problem as well. They can cause problems as they build a nest in your insulation. Just their very presence in your attic can damage the insulation as that insulation is not meant to be walked on.
– Damage to Landscaping: Whenever raccoons find a treasure on your property, they are known to dig holes to try and hide it. If you have a garden on your property, they will more than likely eat a great deal of your harvest. The worst though, comes from raccoons getting into your trash bins. They will strew trash all over your yard as they eat it and shred it.
– Disease: These adorable creatures are also carriers of rabies and other diseases. This can be extremely dangerous for any pets you may have. They can spread disease from the feces and urine that they leave behind as well as bites that may happen if you or your pets come in contact with them.
– Exterior Damage: Raccoons and other large wildlife pests can cause significant damage to the outside of your home as well. They are known to cause damage to roofs, decks, siding and crawlspaces.

What Will Make a Raccoon Go Away?

If you have raccoons or other large wildlife on your property, it is important that you don’t try and get rid of them on your own. Because they are often carriers of many diseases, it is always best to leave this job up to professionals who have the skills and experience needed to safely get rid of the problem.

Wildlife Management

If you have a raccoon or other large wildlife problem on your property, you can turn to the professionals at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get it under control. We have extensive experience in this area and will ensure that they are no longer a problem for you. Call us today!

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