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What Causes Silverfish in Your Bridgeton, NJ House & How Do I Keep These Occasional Pest Invaders Out?

It is enough to make your heart stop when you pick something up in your home and find a silverfish scurry away. They are a long scaled creature that seems to be covered in antennae. Many people think they look similar to a fish which is where they get their name from. These pests are slinky and not something that you want to find roaming around your home. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about some of the ways that you can get a silverfish infestation under control.

How Do You Know if You have a Silverfish Infestation?

A great deal of the diet that silverfish are looking for will be carbs. They are lovers of any sort of carbs. This is one of the reasons that you may find them in your pantry. They are more than likely looking for a snack in there. While these pests aren’t going to cause any diseases to you and your family, they will damage your home if they are left to their devices. They will be found in areas where there is a moisture presence. Their exoskeletons can absorb moisture which means that they can go months without anything to eat or drink. While they will primarily like to munch on carbs, that isn’t the only thing that they are known to eat. They are known to consume many household items like paper, fabric and glue. They destroy books, leave your clothing stained, and are also known to eat each other from time to time.

What Keeps Silverfish Away?

There are several ways that you can make your home less hospitable to silverfish. Following are some of our best tips to help you keep silverfish out of your home in the first place.
– Fix any leaks that may be found in your home since silverfish will be looking for moisture places to hang out.
– Keep the outside of your home free from piles of leaves and other debris that they could easily hide out in.
– Consider having a dehumidifier installed in your home to keep the moisture levels in a place that won’t attract silverfish.
– Seal any cracks, gaps or other openings that silverfish could crawl through and get into your home through.
– Make sure you are storing your food in containers that are plastic or metal so they won’t be able to snack on any of your snacks.
– Store some of your prized possessions in bay or cedar chests as this is known to repel silverfish.

Occasional Invader Pest Control

If you have a silverfish problem, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of them on your own. They are nocturnal pests so you may not realize you have a problem until the infestation is a large one. When this happens, you can turn to Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get rid of them for good. Call us today!

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