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What Attracts Termites to Your Atlantic City, NJ House? Mulch, Gutters, Standing Water & More

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t want to touch a termite infestation with a ten foot pole. Most homeowners know how destructive these pests can be, and will do whatever they can to ensure they don’t infest their home. Unfortunately, there might be some things you are doing that are attracting termites to your home without you even realizing it. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about what you might be doing to attract termites so that you can avoid costly damage to your home caused by termite infestation.

What Smell, Food & Other Factors Attract Termites?

While you may not realize it is happening, there could be things that you are doing that are attracting termites to your home. It is important to keep an eye out for these things so that you can stop doing them and save your home from damage.
– Foliage: Termites are attracted to any food source that contains cellulose, primarily wood. The landscaping on your property is what makes your home so attractive from the outside. However, the foliage that you have near your home could be attracting unwanted pests like termites to your home. If there are any trees that are near or touching your home, you need to have them trimmed back so that they aren’t a gateway for termites. Make sure there are no branches or limbs that are making contact with your roofline to avoid this problem.
– Mulch: Many people love the way that mulch makes their flower beds look. It can be that finishing touch that you need to make your garden bed look complete. However, those wood chips that are constantly moist are also going to attract termites to your house. Termites are known to give off a musty smell similar to mildew or mold. This is not very surprising considering that termites love to create living environments in underground, dark, musty places. To avoid this happening, make sure that the mulch in your beds is at least 12 inches away from the foundation of your home.
– Gutters: Gutters are essential to protecting your home from the onslaught of severe weather. Since they are so vital to your house, you need to make sure that you are maintaining them properly. This means that you need to make sure they are cleaned out regularly. Not only will this keep the water moving through the gutter system, but it will also help you avoid attracting unwanted pests like termites. They will be attracted to leaf and tree litter that often ends up in your gutter.
– Standing Water: You should always make sure there is no standing water anywhere around your home. If there is standing water, it can cause foundation problems and will also make your home more attractive to termites. They are going to be attracted to moist soil where they build their nests. If you notice there is any standing water, make sure you do whatever it is that you need to, to help get rid of it.

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