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Why DIY Ant Infestation Home Remedies Don’t Work in Hammonton, NJ & Need for Professional Control

When ants invade a home, they can be one of the most challenging pests to get rid of. All too frequently, people will eliminate the few ants seen devouring crumbs on the countertop or floor, only to find a few more a few hours or days later. One of the challenges with ants is the vast numbers in a colony. Ants are a social insect and there can be hundreds of thousands of members in a colony, depending on how long the colony has been established. Because so many people reach for DIY methods and find their attempts were futile, we at Ross Environmental Solutions would like to share why.

Homemade Ant Repellent & Killer Spray Doesn’t Target the Nest

When you research ant problems online, you will likely find recommended home remedies and ant control pest products that you will try, only to discover they have been ineffective. The biggest issue with makeshift home remedies for ants is they won’t solve the root of an ant problem and at best, they only kill ants in sight or act as a minor deterrent. Most of these methods do not have long-lasting effects, unlike what a professional ant exterminator can provide. As long as the colony is still intact, more ants will simply come and find a way around the natural repellents. There are several species of ants that render any DIY method useless and require specialized equipment possessed by licensed professional to ensure efficient elimination. Ants nesting in walls will also, more often than not, need more than a natural repellent and ants in outdoor nests found underground cannot be reached with DIY methods.

Over the Counter Ant Baits & Traps Don’t Work

When people find a mess of dead ants, they are sometimes under false pretenses that store-bought ant baits worked, but unfortunately, much like home remedies, they do not reach the core of the problem. The most common issue is that baits never reach the nest because they are too powerful and kill off the initial group of gatherers. Another issue with the baits is that there is not enough to destroy the nests. In both cases, the survivors are intelligent enough to know that the food was fatal and stay away from it. Professional exterminators have the expertise to identify the type of ant infesting your home and the most effective way to eliminate the species. Professional pest control is the best solution for ant infestations as well as preventative maintenance to keep them from occurring.

Ant Prevention

Below are a few additional steps you can take to avoid ant infestations all together.
1) Due to a hunt for food, most ant infestations occur. Ants will quickly move on to another place if there is no food to be found.
2) Keep crumbs away by wiping off the countertops after you prep and eat food. Routinely vacuum and sweep, ensure you get behind furniture and appliances, around the baseboards, and other less-frequented areas of your home.
3) Another factor in getting rid of ants permanently, is waste management as ants can easily get into trash. Be sure to dispose of food directly, whenever possible, and avoid leaving food sitting the indoor trash bins for too long.

Professional Ant Control

Should you have a problem with ants, or simply want to avoid them, call Ross Environmental Solutions and let our professionals do the rest!

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