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What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like in Mantua Township, NJ? How to Check & Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have flat, oval-shaped bodies that have wing pads that never fully developed as functional wings, so these flightless insects are grounded. Though they are generally a dull brown color, after they eat, they appear red and engorged. Though bed bugs are no bigger than an apple seed, they are still detectable to the naked eye. Though they can be elusive, the bed bug nymph and eggs are challenging to find. Bed bugs will spread out, though in smaller numbers they tend to stick to the bed area, these tiny villains who pilfer blood for sustenance will hide in the box spring, mattress, bedding, bed frame, and head boards. Considering this, we at Ross Environmental Solutions will expound on the basics about bed bugs, the signs of their infestation and bites.

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

For bed bugs, blood is their source of nutrition. In order for mature adult females to produce eggs, they need to partake in a hardy bloody meal. Though these insects are known for sucking blood from human to human, they are not connected to spreading any diseases. Although, depending on their sensitivity, some people can experience some degree of allergic reactions.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Evidence that suggest bed bugs include finding their shed skins, fecal matter, and bite marks on exposed skin, along with blood spots found on the sheets. Those exposed to bed bugs during sleep will commonly find the bed bugs bites on neck, face, hands, legs, shoulders, arms, and so on. The bite marks are small, itchy, red, or blistered, and can be flat or slightly raised with inflammation. Also, bed bug bite characteristics do not always manifest immediately. Though everyone’s reaction and healing period can differ, the bite marks will dissipate within a few days.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

The bed bug bites can vary in size; when they bite, they inject an anti-coagulant along with the saliva into the bite, these two agents are what people are sensitive too and can have the allergic or sensitivity to. Also, the number of times an individual has been bitten can impact the size of the bite and so does the reactions the person has to them. The host will often detect a slight burning sensation that then the area develops in red bumps following the initial itchiness. In severe cases, bites may swell dramatically or turn into blister-like skin inflammations. With further swelling and even bleeding, the bites getting scratched constantly can evolve into a secondary infection.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

If you suspect bed bugs in your home due to the varying signs of bed bugs, you need professional assistance to ensure all of the bed bugs are found and effectively eliminated. With the professionals of Ross Environmental Solutions, you can count on efficient and effective bed bug inspection and elimination. Call us today to get started!

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