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Where Do Pests Go in the Winter in Mantua Township, NJ? Insect Diapause, Pests Hibernating in House & More

As the weather starts to turn, and we have more cold days in the forecast, everyone is happy about more than just the temperature. It also means that we won’t have to deal with the large number of insects that we see in the summer. It is important to note that you may, in fact, see an increase in certain pest activity as they are scrambling to take cover during the winter. Many people don’t know what to expect from the pest world during winter months. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share some of the pest activity that you can expect from the insects in our area this winter.

Insect Diapause & Pest Hibernation

There are many pests that prefer to live in your home no matter what time of the year it is. These pests have no need to hibernate during the winter because they are perfectly warm just like you are. They include pests like silverfish and spiders. Other pests like ladybugs, paper wasps and boxelder bugs will look like areas like wall voids to offer them the protection they need during the winter. There are basically three different ways pests take on the winter months.
– Diapause: There are some pests that will go into this form of survival by simply slowing down. The regular way that they grow and develop comes to a standstill during the winter to survive. Many different types of mosquitoes will hatch from the egg and stop developing until the spring months when the weather is warmer.
– Hiding: Other pests will find places that are slightly warmer to hide out the cold months. These spots may include your home, a hollowed out log or even a hole in the ground to get the protection they need.
– Natural Freezing: Some pests create almost an anti-freeze property that will help protect them from the cold.

Are Pests Less Active in Spring After a Cold Winter?

When we experience a harsh winter, many people may think that there will be decreased activity in the spring. However, there are many pests that simply slow down during the winter and will re-emerge when there is a warm day because they think that spring is here early. There are other pests like ants that will die off when the weather is harsh. So to settle the debate, some pests are less likely to be as active in the spring after a harsh winter, and other pests will remain the same regardless.

Pest Management Services

If you are concerned about pests trying to overwinter in your home, you can count on the experts at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you arm your home against pests. A good pest control plan is your best defense against winter pests. We have the tools and training needed to ensure that your home will be pest free no matter what the weather is doing outside. Call us today!

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