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Where Do Mice Live in the Winter in Absecon, NJ? How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Basement & House

Mice are a common problem during the coldest months of the year. They are often looking for a warm place to hide as the temperature plummets. Mice are often in search of three things: food, water and warmth. Unfortunately, your home will often offer them all three of things. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to offer some tips to help you avoid a mouse infestation in your home this winter.

Sealing Holes around Pipes & Other Entry Points where Mice are coming into House

If there are any cracks of holes on the outside of your home that a mouse could gain access using, you need to repair them as soon as possible. As you are inspecting the exterior of your home, look for even the smallest openings. You may not realize this, but mice can fit through a hole that is the size of a dime, while rats need a hole the size of a quarter to get in. These aren’t very large holes, so you are better off repairing any hole, no matter how small to avoid mice.

Mouse Proof Food Storage

Many boxes and packaging that food comes in isn’t safe from mice. They can easily eat their way through most packaging that your food is sold in. If you are storing food in your basement or a storage room, you are better off keeping them in a plastic container that mice can’t chew their way through. Another consideration to make, is your pet food storage as well. Your pet’s food is just as appealing to a mouse as yours is so store it wisely.

Mice Like Clutter & Messy Rooms!

If your basement, garage or crawl space are filled with clutter, cleaning up the spaces will greatly decrease the risk of a mouse infestation. Places where there are a lot of boxes and old items like newspapers, will be the ideal space for a mouse to build their nests. These dark places that aren’t often bothered by people, carry the highest risk of mice, so take the time to spruce it up a bit and get rid of the clutter that makes it an ideal place for mice.

Proper Firewood Storage

When you store your firewood on the ground, it is also a place where mice will infest. Just picking the wood up and raising the stack of firewood 18 inches off the ground will go a long way in keeping mice away. You should also never store mice next to any of the entrances into your home. If there are mice in the firewood, they will be able to make their way into your home if the firewood is too close.

Rodent Control

If you find that you are battling mice this winter, you can count on Ross Environmental Solutions to take care of the problem for you. Whenever you see any signs that indicate a problem with mice, it is important to act quickly. They multiply at an alarming rate and will take over your home if you let them. Call us today!

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