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How to Keep Rats Away from Your House in Mount Holly, NJ; Seal Off Rat Entry Points & More

This is the time of year you have to be vigilant in keeping rats and other rodents out of your home. They are trying harder than ever to get into your warm residence. Your home, unfortunately, has everything that rats need to survive in this cold winter weather. Rats will always be a problem when it comes to keeping them out of your home during the winter, so it’s important that you know exactly what needs to be done to ensure they don’t get their way. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share our top tips for keeping rats out of your home this winter.

Diseases Causes By Rat Droppings

There are several reasons you don’t want to have rats in your home. Not only do they gross most people out, but they can also create some real dangers for you and those you love. First, they carry several diseases that put you at risk of serious health problems. They can contaminate your food and cause a significant health risk. They can also be the cause of property damage as they chew on everything. If they chew on your electrical wiring, it can create a fire hazard.

How to Keep Rats Away

The best way to get rid of a rat problem, is to stop it before it ever even starts. Following are some measures you can take to eliminate any risk of rats in your home this winter.
– Block Off Rat Holes & Seal House: Rats don’t need a very large opening to gain access into your home. In fact, they can squeeze themselves through a hole the size of a quarter. You need to walk around your home and look for any holes or even cracks that they could get into your home through and fill them.
– Store Your Food: Rats can chew their way through any cardboard box you have your food in. If you have a constant rat problem in your home, change the way that you are storing your food. Put them in plastic containers with a tight fitting lid.
– Trim Landscaping: Overgrown landscaping gives rats the perfect place to lie in wait for a way to get into your house. If you have your trees and bushes trimmed back from your home, they are less likely to get in.
– Check with Neighbors: If you have a problem with rats, your neighbors probably do too. As you work together with your neighbors, you can eliminate the problem together and it will be more likely that you are successful.

Rodent Control

If you have a rat problem you can’t stay on top of on your own, it’s time to turn to the pest professionals at Ross Environmental Solutions to help get the problem under control. These pests can be extremely difficult to get rid of on your own without experience and training. Call us today!

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